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Real Estate Broker/Owner - Corinne Guest, REALTOR® | Barrington Realty Company - License: 471.000044
Corinne's has been serving buyers and sellers in Barrington Illinois as the Managing Broker of Barrington Realty Company for over 15 years. Corinne is now studying for her Wyoming Responsible Brokers license and is traveling to Cheyenne WY in March to take her exams and then take the license exam. She will then become a consultant Broker in Wyoming specializing in ranches, land and luxury properties until she opens her brokerage there.
Every home has a story and when it comes to sell, some stories make those sale odds very tough. I was contacted almost three years ago to work with the owners of this Dundee horse property to help them sell. The kids had left home, almost, and it was time to downsize. But there's one big objectio...
I was contacted by the owners of this 8 acre property with expansive 5300 square foot ranch home and huge barn, because of my success in selling horse property in Barrington. Even though Dundee is not known for horse properties and the typical property there sure does not have 8 acres, there are ...
Kathleen Daniels has challenged us to share one of our pet peeves as a real estate agent. We all have many but some just irritate more than others.My pet peeve is assumptions made and voiced by other agents and brokers. Specifically assumptions based on who I work for. I work for myself, I own my...
I am a proponent of niche marketing but I learned a long time ago that while there can be riches in niches, the niche has to be big enough. No one person can ever get all of the niche, about 35% is a target to aim for and that's a tall order. I learned all of this from Mr Internet himself, Michae...
Real estate is often a weekend job, for obvious reasons. Then along comes spring break and many families head out of town for a spring vacation. So imagine my delight when: I first have a weekend off. And second my husband is home for this one in the middle of business travel. We had not planned ...
I have a 10 month old Golden Retriever puppy named Finlay. Here he is taking a nap after his 30 minutes morning run. I did not even know there was such a thing as puppy day. Thanks to Nina Hollander for her contribution to helping all dogs and puppies.      It's National Puppy Day today!  Can you...
I hate being the same as everyone else. I have spent a lot of time and effort on my website including the colors matching to my company logo and there being continuity throughout the website. It's a never ending job but I do like delving into code and making the magic happen.Today I spent a littl...
It's been awhile since I wrote a post about website help and this came to me this morning as I was checking my web visitors and seeing what they are doing when they visit. I'll be the first to raise my hand and say I must check my own site every now and again to make sure I am doing what I say. M...
This post is for a challenge by Paul Henderson. I was an Air Force brat. Meaning my Dad was in the Royal Air Force (British) and so we moved about every 18-24 months, regular as clockwork. I remember many of them, nothing before I was age 5 but the first big move after that was to Singapore.Why I...
A post the other day got me to thinking about a member I invited a long time ago because I sponsored her license and we had worked together in a previous office.She had left real estate and I wanted to check Active Rain to make sure my advertising was in compliance with Illinois law. So I searche...

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