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Real Estate Broker/Owner - Corinne Guest, REALTOR® | Barrington Realty Company - License: 471.000044
Corinne's has been serving buyers and sellers in Barrington Illinois as the Managing Broker of Barrington Realty Company for over 15 years. Corinne is now studying for her Wyoming Responsible Brokers license and is traveling to Cheyenne WY in March to take her exams and then take the license exam. She will then become a consultant Broker in Wyoming specializing in ranches, land and luxury properties until she opens her brokerage there.
The first brand is my choice of vehicles. I am a Chevy lover but will go one step further and say Chevy SUVs. I have just bought my third generation Tahoe, picked it up Friday. We never buy new cars, either 1 or 2 years old, we let someone else take the initial hit on value! This is my new Chevy ...
And then there were two! Finlay arrived just 6 months ago and he's a hunting dog, always on the go. It seemed a logical thing to find him a sparring partner, or maybe better said a running partner. After all I am getting on and cannot run as fast as puppies do! So the research started.We wanted a...
First I apologize if your IDX provider is not able to offer this kind of flexibility. I use IDX Broker Platinum and have done for years.Adding an IDX system to your web site should offer you more than a set it and forget it option. That said many people are content with that and if that's you, we...
Some people are following my son and I, the dog one that is and find my updates here. So for those who might be interested in what my 8 month old Golden mental Retriever pup is up to nowadays. Here's some January fun. He's still got a very puppy looking face, his feathers are growing in well and ...
Likely I might get some resistance to this statement but let me tell you why. I'll assume that you want to spend some of your working time with clients.The job of a website is to get you business, it's not really good enough to tell clients you have a website. What good is a door if no-one comes ...
I recently had an email enquiry about new construction. I have written many articles on buying new homes on my main website. This enquirer had a question or two which I happily answered. Then a few more questions but his information indicated he was already in the throws of a purchase. I had to r...
No sale is simply Rejection. But before we talk about rejection, let's first remind Barrington home sellers that the average time on market in 2016 was 172 days for single family homes and 122 days for attached townhomes and condos. Maybe your home has not been on the market long enough. Maybe it...
This report is to highlight some of the aspects of Barrington IL real estate market in 2016. Averages are a good general measure of what's going on. Here goes with those averages for the home sales in 2016. There were 585 single family homes sold and 169 attached homes sold in the area 60010. Thi...
In July we got a new puppy and I diliberately took 3/4 months off work, referring out potential clients, only servicing those already in contract with me.I knew I had to maintain certain things or I would suffer from not doing well next year.Posting to my blog is a primary way for me to get new c...
Winter is here, with 8-10 inches of snow on the ground on top of last weeks 5 inches, there's more in the forecast. Our new pup Finlay is loving the snow, as you can see he has his head in the snow and his cone, learning to use it to scoop the snow! Puppy antics!This week he cannot enjoy it much ...

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