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Tips and commentary For Home Buyers & Sellers and REALTORS with primary focus on LIVE - Work - Play - Life Rhythm - Life Performance Oriented thinking for regular folks
Yesterday, I facilitated a meeting with the theme “All Things Digital” This meeting is the bi-monthly rendition called “Small Broker Roundtable” at Greater Nashville REALTORS. The mission is to provide a safe place for Principal Brokers/Owners with 50 or fewer Affiliate agent members to gather, c...
What are your favorite Digital Tools? Every time I think I’ve found the BEST Tech Tools, someone tells me about others. For sure, we could all make a full time pursuit of staying on the bleeding edge of technology. Of course, as with all things, there is a line of demarcation over which the benef...
Every day, each and every person on this planet encounters myriad issues and opportunities as we tumble through this thing called life. Even those with the most steadfast commitment to moving forward on a well defined path can easily “lose their way” (or momentum) when confronted with distraction...
Exuberance is contagious! Exciting stuff (and people) are fun! Fun is infectious . . . attractive and even beautiful. We want to be all that, and we crave hanging out with with people who are lovers of life. Where do we sign up for this exclusive club? This part is the most difficult yet easiest ...
When you’re opting in or enrolling in a new subscription, convenience is amazing. On-line enrollment is FAST and EASY and EXCITING! One click from the front facing sales page is the Credit Card entry portal. A few more “selection” clicks, and you’re DONE! Later . . . When you don’t need the servi...
Two kinds of 9 to 5 job Seth Godin NAILED some thoughts I’ve been thinking that I was having difficulty articulating: “The eight-hour workday is precious and humane, and difficult to find in an era of always-on communication.” “the contributor who brings so much emotional energy, thoughtfulness, ...
The Perfection TrapEvery morning, I do a Facebook Live broadcast while driving to the office. This is “raw” (unedited) stream of consciousness thinking spilling out of my (not quite fully awake) brain. Some days are better than others. Here’s a link to Http:// where you will se...
I was feeling fat and lazy the past few months. The truth is that I had not been exercising enough and was in a spiralling down “food quality” trend. Please indulge me as I divulge my “excuse” for letting myself go . . . It’s been stifling HOT and HUMID here in Nashville for a LOOOONG time, so ex...
This is for anybody considering earning a Real Estate Sales License in Tennessee. I’m writing this today because I am aware that there are MANY newly licensed agents out there who did not do this essential part of launching a successful real estate sales career. Every Real Estate office is unique...
Is playing to win a short-sighted strategy? When we always focus on the WIN, we’re subjecting ourselves to the probability of many disappointments over time. This “WIN or BUST” mindset creates conditions ripe for “Roller-Coaster Performance”. When we win, we are high on life . . . When we lose, w...

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