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Tips and commentary For Home Buyers & Sellers and REALTORS with primary focus on LIVE - Work - Play - Life Rhythm - Life Performance Oriented thinking for regular folks
The benefits of being “TOO BUSY”  You get to be choosy! When you’re “TOO BUSY”, it’s much easier to say “No!” to “Got a minute?”s. Suddenly the IMPORTANT things become more clear. Focus shifts from “doing what’s on the list” towards the things we “get” to do because they matter (more). You can un...
Who is this about?I took a deep breath (and a walk around the office) before sitting down to write this. I am a member of MANY on-line forums . . . and “real in-person” gatherings. All of them have clearly defined themes which serve a variety of populations. The ones relevant to me are about Open...
Always remember that every new week provides new possibilities. This is vibrant thinking . . . that you might not ever have thought of goals commensurate with your human potential. I’m thinking about “Goals” this morning. Goals can be “Limiting Beliefs” if not coming from the heart. Great markete...
The first time I brought a friend to visit my Father, the first words out of Dad’s mouth were:“Ask me anything – I know EVERYTHING.” Everyone in the family rolled eyeballs and left the scene, so my friend could receive the full “treatment”. Of course, Dad was right . . . He’s always right! Dad’s ...
This is an unapologetic plug for the power of “Time Blocking” Above is my calendar for next week. For years, I resisted the siren call of the practice of Time Blocking. After all, I was pretty much born an entrepreneur which (by definition) translates to being “FREE” to do as I please and ever im...
Don’t be smallAs I was doing my normal Monday “spool-up”, I was overwhelmed. I literally had a moment of panic when I looked at this daunting list of large projects I’m tackling simultaneously.   How can I possibly get all of this done?   Then I remembered that “We are all meant to shine”My panic...
Something breaks . . .You know it’s going to be an expensive fix, and you just paid all of your bills, and you know you don’t have the cash on hand to fix it now . . . What d’ya do? FIGHT? – BLOW UP and Blame it on someone else and make a scene. FLIGHT? – Practice denial and ignore it in hopes it...
I see far too many people choosing this path of most resistance. These folks age MUCH faster than those who opt for the path least resistance. Not being who you are is exhausting. As is true with all lies, whether they be “innocent little white lies” or “persona/lifestyle lies”, the most difficul...
Pay attention to your surroundings. Be aware of subtle shifts and recurring happenings. Be curious when new and different ideas surface. Be a great “defensive driver” always honing your peripheral vision. Notice new patterns and themes showing up in your life experience. Often, the best opportuni...
Some folks might think this happening to be unconscionable! For sure, it does tend to lean towards heresy in the world of Real Estate Sales much less for a Principal Broker embroiled in the day-to-day operation of a highly productive group of elite Home Selling Professionals. Rather than “recreat...

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