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Tips and commentary For Home Buyers & Sellers and REALTORS with primary focus on LIVE - Work - Play - Life Rhythm - Life Performance Oriented thinking for regular folks
The Lead Did Not Follow UpIf you are “in sales” and you have an expectation of immediate gratification follow initial contact with a lead, I recommend you find a different career. But then . . . Here’s the crux of the problem . . . It’s arguable that ALL of us are “in sales” We are “selling ourse...
 Well . . . Seems COVID-19 is hitting the reset button for most of the world. What’s most eerie about this for me is the deafening absence of any signs of CHAOS. We’re all in our “Safe Places” . . . taking shelter from an enigmatically pesky little virus fabled to have been unleashed by a vendor ...
Posted byBarry Owen March 27, 2020 Leave a commenton What the world needs now EditWhat the world needs now Two amazing performances to lift your Spirit during uncertain times. More of this and less of that other stuff, and we WILL prevail! With Love, b
Making Lemonade with these LemonsFor the past few weeks, I’ve been VERY busy talking Realtors “off the ledge” as the reality of the COVID19 “LOCKDOWN” sets in.  The world is NOT going to end! This WILL pass! NOW is the best time EVER to crank up the volume in terms of reaching out to your family,...
What is “Affordable Housing” to you? Is it houses priced under $150,000 – or $300,000 – or $500,000 – or anything under $1,000,000? Is there a commonly accepted definition of “Affordable Housing”? What if we were to switch the words to be “Housing Affordability”? I found this “stab” at a definiti...
A Time for Coming Together  SO much has happened in the past 6 days, and I am in deep appreciation of the generous people of Nashville. An AMAZING amount of “recovery” has been accomplished in a crazy short time. We know this is only the beginning of healing, and we are keeping our ears open for ...
Welcome to March! Below is a message I sent to my SOI - A weekly email every Monday morning   Yesterday, I declared it to be SPRING in Owen hollow. Yep! I hung the Hummingbird Feeder and spent the weekend tidying up the many fallen limbs and sticks. This is a very serious and intentional process ...
A crisis is brewing as our economy continues to thrive. From the perspective of this long-time Principal Broker here in Middle Tennessee, the massive increase of newly licensed real estate sales agents is creating potentially terrifying conditions for uninformed home Buyers and Sellers. We REALTO...
Let’s spice up our way of living with a radically different perspective. Each of us has our own, unique routine which we might find dull and monotonous. Alarm goes off – hit snooze twice – feet hit the floor and stumble into the bathroom for cleaning and grooming – Walk the dogs – prepare, then c...
There’s a veritable trifecta of good Mojo Happening in the next 30 days By trade, I am Principal Broker/Owner of Pareto Realty With great passion, I serve the Vital Few members (Real Estate Sales Professionals) by offering them unfettered access to me for training, coaching, consoling, celebratin...

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