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Today I spoke to First Franklins “Prevention” department.  The prevention department works with clients who mortgages have adjusted and they can not handle the change.    I called and “interviewed” a “prevention” department lady, who explained to me that if the borrower’s loan has adjusted, and ...
So here I am again prepping for a listing presentation,   once again I feel a bit inadequate in my listing presentation.  Now I am turning to the Active Rain, I am confident in my CMA, so what else should I put in the presentation?  Who has the awesome tips for me to help take my listing present...
NAR released a news article this week on what the typical Realtor looks like.  It shows that real estate can be fruitful if you are in it for the long haul.  This article talks about what Realtors really earn, how old they are, and how long the average Realtor is had their license.  I highly rec...
Yesterday I had the privilege of hearing Walter Sanford speak.  I am a real estate education junky.  I will go hear anyone speak.  When Walter was introduced, it was mentioned that he had sold a house a day for 17 years, so of course that got my attention.  Walter came out and I think the whole ...
My business partner Dan and I just got back from a two day event, an Exit Regional Meeting. Are region is now up to 57 franchises so we had a very good size group.  As most regional meetings it started out with the regional owners telling us all the latest and greatest news about Exit. Then for ...
Is print media dead?  Or is that too bold of a statement?  Are is it just newspaper print dead, or are we only still working with print to make our sellers happy?  I can personally tell you that I have spent thousands of dollars in newspaper print, in the last 18 months, and the only people who ...
I know this is a bit off the wall, but if you had a time machine and you where able to go back to the day you received your real estate license.  What advise would you give yourself?    Would you tell yourself about the marketing idea that really did not work?  Or would you tell yourself about t...
When I have a question about anything Real Estate, I go to the Active Rain.  So lately I have been on a kick about hiring another assistant.  I am leaning toward a virtual assistant; I think this concept would work well with my lifestyle.  I would like to know from all the Virtual Assistants out...
Sen. Charles Schumer has introduced legislation proposing a minimum of $300 million in federal funds to help with the foreclosure mess looming over America.  Sen. Schumer is hoping to see the lenders come up with the same kind of foreclosure prevention measures of there own.    Although it is no...
Not to long ago, I had the opportunity to take 6 of my agents, on a vendor sponsored event.  This event was host by a Home Warranty Company and a Natural Hazard Report company.  This was a great way for my new agents to learn what these companies had to offer, and to receive a DRE credit.   Ther...

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