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The 30 year fixes the forgotten loan:   If you have an adjustable and found you payment going up, it might be time for you to refinance into a traditional 30 year fix.  This product is like old faithful, it will always be the same rate and the same payment, and there is comfort in knowing what y...
            Like every Realtor or loan officer out there marketing is a dreaded word.  To me it’s like “exercising” we all need to do it, but nobody really wants to.  As a broker we are often asked how our agents/loan officer should go about marketing.  I can not give each agent the same idea, s...
            I am a goal junky!!  I know some people might find this odd, but I ask sells people regardless of the business about there goals.  I always want to know what they have planned, how are they going to obtain there goal and there motivation.                I am amazed about all the diff...
            As a Realtor or a Loan Officer we are in control of our own time, we get to set our own hours.  So, how do you fit charity into your week?  We all need to be getting involved with a local/global charity for two reasons.  First is really is the right thing to do, second it will get yo...
    I am disputing that 20% of all mortgages given in the last year or so was subprime.  The definition of a subprime borrower is if the lender they have their mortgage with is considered a subprime lender. What people assume is all borrowers with a subprime lender have less than perfect credit,...
            Owning a company called Exit, in our case Exit Family Realty, you get a lot of responses.  Now I never had a problem with the name.  I think if the name is easy to pronounce, easy to spell and easy to remember it is a great name.              For all of those who question why “Exit” ...
           A client of mine just painted his front door red.  When I asked him “why red?” he said that he really did not know but he had seen red doors all of his life and like it.  So my question is, does anyone know the meaning behind a red front door?
Agent marketing photos, I mean the photos of our self that we use for marketing.  I have some pet peeves that I feel that I must voice, or it is just constructive advice?   Smile; don’t worry about this being a beauty contest, but look happy people do not want to deal with overly serious people....
Here we go I am going to rant.  A short sale just came on the market across the street from my house.  I am not going to complain about not getting the listing; the sellers are not that friendly.  I am going to complain about the fact that the house is listing about 50k under market.  The agent ...
            As a Broker/Owner of a real estate franchise, I was working on my franchise website.  Of course I want my website to rank high on the search engines, but what about the content?  Do I want to wow potential clients?  Or do I want to tell how great my commission’s splits are to attract...

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