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I provide professional home inspections in and around the St. Louis area. Please visit or call 314-805-2137 for further details.
  UNBELIEVABLE -- All I can do is shake my head and ask why? lol  Thanks Barry! Anyone else have any crazy pictures like the one below?  I'm still attempting to find out if this picture is for real or not.  I'll keep everyone updated on what I find out lol. 
Everybody who follows my blog knows by now I'm currently deployed to the Middle East.  However, I'm due back into the St. Louis area 8 Sept and once I return I'll be armed and ready to help the real etate world with a new weapon.  Introducing... The test shows results right on site within minutes...
  So you decided to save a three or four hundred bucks and pass up the local home inspector?  Odd how some home buyers feels it's a must to save pennies on the dollar when in reality their spending thousands sometimes hundreds of thousands on a product that hopefully will last for many years to c...
Personally, I'm a huge fan of Barry Stone and have learned a great deal by reading his column.  Pasted below however is a link to a question that was posed to him over on by a real estate broker.  Many already are not happy with his response. See article in full here:  http://www.inman....
Today here on active rain we had a lively debate on the question almost all of us HI's get's asked.  "Should We Buy?  Or Should We Walk?" A majority involved within the debate stated not wise.  However, one HI stated he has told several of his client's NOT to buy a house... So Active Rain HI's le...
As certified home inspectors we all know our Standards of Practice clearly states one is not required to test the washing machine and or it's connections.  Recently a person I know recieved a letter in the mail from the local attorney asking what he's going to do in order to fix a problem for a c...
Your seeing cleared base pictures from the base I'm at in the Middle East. I hope everyone enjoys! One more month and I'm on my way back to St. Louis :)
Source: The Limited Liability Company, or LLC, has in recent years become the most popular legal structure for small businesses wishing to incorporate. The exact requirements vary slightly from state to state, but setting up an ...
Print a complete brochure for your clients: Buying a home? Make sure it's Move in Certified. Selling a home? Certify it now! MOVE IN CERTIFIEDTM HOMES PRE-INSPECTED AND READY HOME BUYERS ADVANTAGES OF BUYING A HOME THAT HAS BEEN MOVE IN...
Boy's name is Dow JonesSister's name is Indiana Jones...The boy was named on dare by his dad while mom slept after giving birth. Full story:

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