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Media reports that the proverbial real estate "bubble" has burst is now an Urban Legend!The reality is what has been happening is housing prices are returning to some semblance of price"normalizing" resulting in a softening in home prices.  But this is a good thing, right?  Instead of the market ...
Since this topic applies to only those who are Sole Practitioners, Franchise owners, or home grown Brokerages, I'd like to hear how others have been successful in creating their image branding to get thier business out in front of their competitors.  What's the key?  Is it your own savvy creative...
This topic should stimulate some interest due to the rapidly changing technology climate of Blog popularity.Most Realtor's personal web sites fail to drive business to themselves.  The biggest problem with is the lack of knowledge by the Realtor in working with their webmaster to effectively comm...
Now that "unrepresented" sellers are jumping on the sell-it-yourself bandwagon, just what are you doing to get their business?  Just as "location - location - location" is the by word of Realtors, then "educate - educate - educate" should be applied to getting the business of FSBO's.So, what are ...
Where have all the Buyers gone!  Sounds like a song title from the old "Kingston Trio" back in the 1960's, doesn't it?Quite frankly, buyers are scared stiff by all the negative news releases about: over-inflated prices, falling prices, rising interest rates, and the insecurity in their own market...
Many independent contractor REALTORS chose a career in real estate for its independence, flexible schedule, and hopefully financial rewards.  Some of those strike out on their own to create their own Image Branding and do so with success.Have you ever considered going out on your own to create an...
When you receive your State Real Estate Agency's NEWSLETTER, do you take time to thoroughly read it?  Perhaps you just read the articles of interest.Do you read through the various "Administrative Actions" taken against agents/brokers who made mistakes or blatant errors, then suffered from compla...
When I happened upon Active Rain - Real Estate Network, I lept on the opportunity to build my network.  After all BEING in Real Estate is much more than local listings and sales.  It is creating a broad-based network of respected professionals to share knowledge and experience...and hopefully giv...

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