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RECENT BLOG POSTS  What does it mean, that is a great question.  Imagine the following.            You sign up for our site and do a quick free registration.  During this you will have the option of being alerted when certain properties that match your search criteria or keyword criteria.  So let...
As a respected group in your real estate community, I would like to know what is most important for you as real estate professional in regards to searching for what is on the market.  I understand that your main search is the MLS in your area, but wouldn't you like to see all of the fsbo's, reo's...
I have recently just gotten back from the Inman Conference.  It was my first and won't be my last, but now I at least know who to avoid.  It seems some of the speakers need to take a class in being a bit more humble.  I think the audience knows that most of the panelists make or have made a ton o...

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