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It's that time of year again!  In case you hadn't noticed, the Geckos are once again invading Bradenton.  These aren't the small little creatures you normally see either.  These are large 6 foot long geckos that are being spotted all over downtown Bradenton on the sides of buildings!  These brigh...
Fire officials in Parrish are encouraging all residents in the area to check your house numbers to make sure they are clearly visible from the road during the day as well as at night.Emergency responders say that many homes are missing numbers all together, partial addresses only exist, the addre...
So I was searching through the MLS this morning looking for comps for a listing presentation I am going on tomorrow and came across a listing with the following PUBLIC remarks:PFB: Preforeclosure, so we're taking offers and submitting to lenders for approval,make you best offer with proof of abil...
Good news for residents in the area since the one that was held in Bradenton on Main Street was closed last year because the local businesses said they didn't have the money to keep it going any longer.2 local residents, Mitchell Armstrong and Kelvin Lindbloom say they want to try and make a go o...
If any of you have been following the post I wrote back in December about 2 year old Lexi Antorino, then you know who I am talking about.If you don't, here's a brief run down of what happened to her.She was playing on a swing set with 2 other children in a neighborhood park while a 14 year old fa...
American Home Shield is a well known home warranty company.  But did you also know they have a section on their website specifically for agents to market to buyers and sellers as well as things to help market your listings?You don't have to purchase a warranty through them in order to use these f...
An article in today's Bradenton Herald states that they will be doing a red light sting in Manatee County on Thursday to try and catch some of the folks that run red lights.Many people run red lights everyday simply because they are in a hurry or don't want to wait.  Many people are also killed e...
Since the resignations at Point2 by Brendan King and several other folks, many have wondered what they are now doing.  Well, we know they started a company called VendAsta.  The website doesn't really state very much on what they plan on doing, but Brendan mentions to "stay tuned" for more detail...
We all know those famous words spoken by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  I have a dream.  We have come a long way since those words were first spoken, but we still have a long way to go.  I hope that one day, his words will become a reality for everyone across the world.  A day when everyone can acce...
Back in July, an agent in the Orlando area contacted us to see if we would co-broke a listing with them that was a short sale.  All we had to do was place the house in the MLS and put a sign in the yard.  We said sure, not a problem.  They were going to do all the negotiations with the bank, and ...

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