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Services for Real Estate Pros - Mortgage Accelerator 2008
  The Real Estate Community generally seems to have a negative comment and predetermined attitude towards Mortgage Acceleration software and the legitimacy of the companies promoting it. I must admit that the Multi Level Marketing Feature of U-First Financial product and a $3500 cost is not the f...
The "HOPE for Homeowners Act of 2008" creates a new program within FHA to back FHA-insured mortgages to distressed borrowers.  The new mortgages offered by FHA-approved lenders will refinance abusive loans at a significant discount for homeowners facing difficulty meeting their mortgage payments....
Hope for Homeowners Act of 2008 It will allow those who qualify to cancel their old mortgage loans and replace them with 30-year fixed-rate loans for up to 90 percent of the home's current value. The FHA will insure a total of $300 billion of the loans over a three-year period. But the decision o...
Modification or Justification for Mortgage Servicer s and Banks to pillage . It's my job to pay close attention to detail. And as my Daddy used to say to me: "Son"...that's what he called me.....He said, "If there is a banker involved and they're promisin you somethin, divide by two and multiply ...
Are you planning for retirement and still have a mortgage payment? Have you ever heard analysts say that you are better off investing extra income by some way other than paying down your mortgage? Traditionally this is true. However, what if you were able to pay down your mortgage in 7-15 years w...
What's a 'mortgage accelerator'? - Answer desk-   Mortgage Accelerator 2008 utilizes complex algorithms that systematically create the highest interest savings possible in the least amount of time. Mortgage Accelerator 2008 uses proven financial strategies to help American homeowners achieve thei...
What I'm telling my clients about refinancing right now......You should start by taking an inventory of your financial situation.  Write down all of your debts and the interest rates that you are paying including your home, cars, credit cards etc.  Define your financial goals and the time frame f...

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