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STARBUCKS is no longer .... STARBUCKS? In case you haven't heard yet, Starbucks' brilliant marketing department (really, they are brilliant as they redefined how we think coffee) decided to change their logo for their 40 year anniversary. I found this out roughly 6 hours ago when one of my agents...
YES, you heard it! The internet is undergoing some changes. To be more specific, the way we communicate on the internet is changing. In fact, it already has! E-mail is as obsolete as the Pony Express. So what is all of this talk about a FACELIFT? FACEBOOK is launching a messaging service that wil...
  What are your New Year's REsolutions? We are at that time of year again, where we make promises to ourselves to correct some bad habits we picked up throughout out lifetime. Eat Better, Go to the Gym, Be Happier, Work Harder, Be a better spouse, Keep a better house, Be a better person .... So ...
Queen Village was not always the captivating residential and thriving business area we know it to be today. In 1638, Swedish settlers arrived in the mid-Atlantic area in a place the natives called Wiccaco, which means "pleasant place". Of these settlers, a Swedish family called Sven made their ho...
  Merry Christmas! If you do not celebrate Christmas, Happy Holidays (or simply have a fantastic weekend)!!!! ELF - (noun) A supernatural creature of folk lure, usually described as small, in human form, with pointy ears. ELF - (movie - comedy) Directed by Jon Favreau starring Will Ferrell about...
Bella Vista, the brunch capital of Philadelphia One of the first neighborhoods settled by Italian immigrants in Philadelphia, the name Bella Vista means "beautiful sight" in Italian, and the name does the neighborhood justice.  Spanning South Street to Washington Avenue and 6th to 11th Street, Be...
Short Sales are meant to be anything less than short, right? Most short sale specialists will tell you that it can take 90 - 180 days to close a short sale. My experience puts it at about 90-120 days, considering the 1st offer goes well. Well, I left off in my previous post about us (the seller s...
If you have never handled a short sale, you may not know where I am going with this. For those of us that handle many short sales and have success with closing them, I am sure you will understand. Now, I would love feedback on some of these statements. How long does the typical short sale take to...
Great post by Maureen McCabe! I have the same feeling about I have spent thousands of dollars on Showcased Properties to with zero results. I am not sure why, but we had better results from Zillow, Trulia and of course our company/franchise site. This is also important in...
So, how far will you go to close your next deal? This is a fascinating question for agents to ask themselves from time to time. I believe this question will be answered a variety of ways by the same person. Of course, most of us likely would agree we will go above and beyond the call of duty. Wha...

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