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Every time I work with a 1st time investor or would-be landlord, I can not help but think about Pacific Heights. No, I am not talking specifically about the beautifully scenic San Francisco neighborhood. I am talking about the hauntingly realistic movie by the same name that illustrates the excit...
How many agents like to work with investors? What exactly makes a wise investment? I have to admit, I typically do not like working with investors. Of course, this is a generalized statement. What I really mean is, I choose the investors I will work with wisely. It's funny. I get a kick out of th...
It wasn't love at first site. There wasn't anything magical about the first meeting or anything really memorable. Yet after the initial contact, we worked through the tough times and shared in the joys. It seemed we would achieve greatness! Then in one split second, in one quick conversation, it ...
As we near the end of 2010, many agents (I hope) are working on their business plans for 2011. What astonishes me is how many agents actually put together a plan for their business each year. I mean, you don't have to write a formal business plan worthy of attracting investors to buy in to your i...
Glengarry Glen Ross is a must see for anyone in the sales industry. It portrays the high pressure (and Higher Stress) sales industry and the personalities that embody it. Recently, we played that classic scene at a peer group meeting. The scene is where Alec Baldwin plays Blake, a soldier from Mi...
Have you been to Headhouse Square lately? For those not familiar with the City of Brotherly Love, or perhaps the Headhouse, it is one of my favorite lcoations in Philly. That's one of the reasons I recently relocated my office to that area (we are 2 blocks south of the Headhouse). Headhouse Squar...
What is living? Really, really living? I mean, we as real estate professionals don't just market and sell homes, we sell living. We sell lifestyle. This notion never became so apparent to me until after attending activerain's Raincamp. The information and ideas from professionals that actually go...
Real Estate can be a humbling profession. It's an emotional roller-coaster ride similar to a game-winning homerun negated by a 5 run top of the 9th comeback by your favorite team, or an interception at the opponents 5 yard line after it looked like a score and an inevitable win. One week an agent...
Ah, the holidays. Traffic jams, malls and parking lots, pumpkin pie, turkey, snowmen and jingle bells. With so much going on, who has time to purchase a house, right? I know many consumers and agents simply give in to the notion that real estate halts to an abrupt stop when the holidays approach....
I love technology. I love the ease of communication, the instant gratification, and the immediate access to information. So recently I received a birthday card and Thanksgiving card from a couple of vendors via e-mail and I got to thinking. On the surface I recognized the type of e-card based on ...

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