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Your Home in Calgary is a place to learn more about Calgary from an insider's perspective. Considering a move to Calgary? This is a great way to find out what's going on...
In the Calgary Real Estate market over the past year we've seen home prices drop significantly to say the very least. It's been a fantastic time for those ready to buy.  Still waiting for the price to Drop on that home you've had your eye on?  If you're paying a mortgage over 25 years, how much o...
When you hire a Realtor, it goes without saying... You expect them to help you find your next home, or sell your last home.  A key factor in the service the Realtor provides is in Negotiation.  Whether your buying or selling, it helps to understand the Negotiation process. Here are 5 Tips to keep...
Well here we are on the verge of the anniversary of when the real estate market, and markets in general began the wild rollercoaster ride that threw the world for a loop.  Do you recall last October when each day the new lows, and temporary highs of the North American stock markets were Headline ...
10 years ago, when we bought our first home, I had visited a couple of homes in Lake Sundance in Calgary... and I can't for the life of me, figure out why we didn't choose this well established, vibrant lake community to live in.  10 years later, we're just coming to the end of our first summer i...
When selling your home, it stands to reason that you want to Maximize Your Profit right?  But as a Realtor, the response I often get when presenting a home owner with a market evaluation of their home is "Can't we list it higher?  The Buyer is going to try to talk us down anyway."   A market eval...
Ok, I'm not naming names here, or addresses for that matter... but there IS one house three doors down from mine that has carpet impersonating their lawn.  I'm talking the really plush carpet that make your feet feel like they're in heaven when they sink into it.  It has the look of being freshly...
When you decide to sell your home, it almost always comes as a result of a major life change.  Getting Married, New Baby On the Way, Another new Baby on the Way, Divorce, the Kids are moving out, and sadly Death.  These are the big steps we take in life.  In the Real Estate industry, we have to r...
This morning when I woke up, I opened the blinds to see the sunny blue skies of Alberta for the first time in a week.  Though we live in Calgary, you would have thought we were in Vancouver the way the rain started on Sunday, and I don't think it really ever stopped until now -- Friday morning. W...
People love looking at houses...And Why not?  I love looking at houses too.  That's one of the many reasons I'm a Realtor®.  But if you're serious... that is, if you're really considering buying a home or an investment property, it pays to know where you stand financially.  Where is your Net? Ev...
The real estate market in Calgary has changed significantly in the past few months.  We went from having an over-supply of homes where sellers waited endlessly for offers, to a brand new market where, in certain price ranges, multiple offers on the same home are becoming more and more common ever...

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