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I've been talking with a LOT of Top Sponsors within the EXIT Realty community lately and one thing is for certain... times are tough. While certain statistics about pending sales and home prices would have you thing that the market is on it's way back up, it just not the case for certain areas of...
The Apple iPad was introduced by Steve Jobs this week. During and immediately after his speech, Bloggers the world over were dropping their 2¢ into the blogosphere about the iPad's features, it's pro's and con's, the likelihood of it ousting Kindle from it's book reader throne, and so on. I'd li...
I'm so tired of looking at bad websites.  So many Realtors pay thousands and thousands of dollars for poorly designed template websites that get them little or no traffic and no converted sales.  What's worse is that some of these sites actually DO get them traffic but scare prospects off when th...
We've gotten through 5 of the 10 Ways to Blow Up Your Real Estate Business when you're just getting started. On this second half (part Deux) I'm going to focus on some specific things that will make you a successful, professional Realtor that will make it through every twist and turn the market c...
Being a new agent in real estate is a bit daunting for most people. There's all these little fees, acronyms, office chatter, and advice from peers and colleagues that begins to turn into noise after the first few days. Where to start? Let's assume you've got your license --maybe you're about to g...
Do you know your Gen Y home buyers? You better. There's about 70 million of them. They're educated, motivated, and programmed differently than any generation that has come before. They're high performance as well as high maintenance. Whatever generation you come from, you should know who you're w...
  A good real estate professional has a plan for just about everything. They should have a business plan with goals and mile markers. They should have a prospecting plan, a presentation plan for listings, and above all, they should have a plan to market your property. Welcome to the first in a 7...
There are A LOT of real estate professionals using Twitter.  There are some great people I've met on Twitter that always give more than they receive and some not-so-great people that broadcast and whine like it's going out of style.  Trust me... it's out of style.  Below are 10 Ways Not to Promo...
There are a lot of homes on the market in Northwest Arkansas and around the country. Depending on the area and price of your home, you may be competing with ten, fifty, even hundreds of other properties. Here are easy staging tips to help you differentiate your property and make it stand out in a...
  Much happened in January, a presidential inauguration, a tough economy, a slow realization by the American public that we’re not quite out of the woods yet.  As the coldest of winter slides behind us so to does the worst of housing crisis, or so we hope.  Foreclosures made up a fair percentage ...

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