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Ready to become a New Agent-Rockstar? If you are a new agent and want to become a Billion Dollar Agent in the most efficient way, we can help you achieve your goals! We have a Billion Dollar Agent plan to help you learn, listen and leverage your way to the top.  Watch this video about how to go f...
Open houses allow you the opportunity to get leads you would never get otherwise! Are you holding open houses and capturing all the leads you possibly can? Start 2-3 weeks before the open house, invite the neighbors, put out 20-30 directional signs and door knock the day of the open house... thes...
Distractions are everywhere and they are hard to avoid. Smartphone alerts, emails, phone calls, and many other interruptions in the course of one's day. Making a conscious effort to focus and avoid distractions each day is a learned skill. A skill we can guide you through here at Best Agent Busin...
Every business has growing pains, and it’s what you do that determines your success. It may be time to hire help if you’re not able to complete business tasks efficiently and well. Best Agent Business can help you find the best candidates, interview, train, and develop their skills. This keeps yo...
Do you track your daily habits? Do you have good habits you want to develop? The best way to do this is to clearly identify the top three habits you would like to develop, personally and professionally and track this for 100 days. At Best Agent Business, we have a proven method for helping you de...
Have you considered helping FSBO leads? They are great candidates, with valid phone numbers, who want to be reached. We can teach you how to develop a solid plan to call, mail and set appointments with FSBO leads as well as develop solid relationships to gain sellers, referrals and buyers in your...
Do you have buyer web leads that are not in your local area? How do you connect with them? Here are two simple steps you can take to follow up with them: 1. Call the lead2. Add them to a mailing list ASAPTake a look at our video at, we show you step-by-step how to man...
We can help Increase Your Online Presence, Generate Web Traffic and Grow Your Business! Best Agent Business has developed a Billion Dollar Agent System for real estate agents. Our core marketing services include creating a monthly email newsletter, monthly mailed postcard and weekly online market...
Is accounting paperwork preventing you from doing what you do best, selling? Need help delegating those time-consuming tasks that don’t produce additional sales? While Best Agent Business is not an accounting firm, we can assist you with basic accounting services. Included in our services are rev...
What story do you have to tell? Have you noticed that some of the greatest businesses have a great story to tell? Have you figured out your story and an interesting and entertaining way to tell it? Blogging is a great way to tell your story or for the more adventurous, a video that’s humorous and...

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