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Even with Presidential veto threats looming, the housing stimulus package has taken another necessary step to being implemented – it has taken on another round of changes, passed the Senate, and is on its merry way to the White House again. The package is much larger than our aforementioned Forec...
In some parts of the country, the housing market is every bit as risky as the stock market. Seems appropriate then that you can trade houses just like you do stocks. Never heard of the concept? Money Editor Stacy Johnson, explains… (Video runs 1:44) Any comments about this "House Trading" ?  Tell...
If you're thinking about buying a home or refinancing - even if you've got excellent credit - you may want to avail yourself of a forthcoming free service that could help you get a better mortgage rate. Under the terms of a national class-action settlement, you may qualify for six or nine months ...
In some real estate markets, a house in the $400,000 range may be considered a starter home. So the million dollar question is, "Why is it that a home loan in the mid $400's is considered a Jumbo Mortgage Loan?" While most of us see the term "jumbo" as relative, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, two go...
This is a question worth answering no matter where you live. People in some parts of the country are highly susceptible to hurricanes, while others face virtually no risk from them. Some live with the risk of earthquakes, others do not. Recent flooding that swamped parts of the Midwest, including...

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