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                                    As a buyer, one of the smartest things you can do is get a home inspection. It's  arguably more important than getting an appraisal, because a proper inspection will prevent you from buying a money pit – at least not intentionally. A good home inspection will i...
With heating costs going through the roof, here’s an easy way to keep heat from slipping out your doors, too. Take 30 minutes and replace the weather stripping and door sweeps around your steel entry doors. Plan to do this project on a warm day since you’ll have to remove the doors. Steel doors ...
  If you're a homeowner, you most certainly have a homeowner insurance policy to cover your home. Not only is homeowner insurance a necessity, lending regulations require every homeowner with a mortgage to have some form of homeowner insurance coverage. It is a vital investment you need to make i...
  Buying a first home is often fraught with uncertainty and stress. The home buying process may be made easier and less stressful with these tips for first time home buyers. 1. Don't Stretch Your Budget: Figure out how much you are able to comfortably afford before looking for a home. A $1000 a m...
If you're looking to remodel or upgrade your house these days, creating lasting value is sure to be a top concern. You'll want to add features that won't be outdated just a few years from now — reducing your home's marketability and making your house look like it just crawled out of a time machi...
                                          The value of their homes is a major point of pride for many owners, who use the figure to prop up their net worth and justify the money they've poured into their dwellings. When the price declines, as it has been doing for most homeowners for years, they ...
                                           What's in store for housing markets in 2012? Well, the good news is, we may finally be over the worst, according to the authors of a new Kiplinger article. Following five long, often painful years of price declines, which saw median home prices drop by a...
Short sales up, foreclosures down. That's because in many cases a short sale may be the lesser of two evils for banks and homeowners versus a foreclosure. It's a tarnished silver lining for people at risk of losing their houses and homeowners in neighborhoods blighted by bank-owned properties, b...