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This article was originally written in July of 2007. After 8 years and 106,000 miles of car and driver bliss, this weekend the time came for me to trade in my 2000 Honda Odyssey Min-van. Eight years is a long time to own a car…especially one that you, as a Realtor (and a Mom), practically live ou...
By now you’ve all (hopefully) heard about the flooding that occurred here in the Nashville area last weekend. My family and I are fine, thankfully. Many, however, are not. Saturday I got a call from a friend from church.  She was with a group doing cleanup in an area of west Nashville called Bel...
Share As I am preparing to leave for the Keller Williams Family Reunion in New Orleans tomorrow, there is one important thing I’ll be packing…a few sheets of yellow paper.   After attending this event for the last 8 years, what I’ve found is that there are so many great ideas, so much information...
Do you have clients that are claiming the Homebuyer Tax Credit? The IRS has just posted an updated Form 5405 to claim that credit. With tax season right around the corner, they'll need this. You can download the form (in PDF format) visit: And, in keeping ...
This time of year, many sellers take the attitude of "I'll wait till spring to put my house on the market, when there are more buyers." That couldn't be a bigger mistake in 2010. Roughly half of buyers in 2009 were first time home buyers, spurred on by the initial first time home buyer tax credit...
A "snow day" can be a productive day for an agent.  Here are the TOP 10 THINGS TO DO IF YOU GET SNOWED IN! 10. Call and build relationships with other Realtors.9. Call your Sellers! Update them! Do you need price reductions? They're probably home too. 8. Complete your 4-1-1 GOALS FOR 2010-place t...
This weekend I watched as several of my friends made posts about their New Year's intentions. Seeing all of their lofty goals got me wondering about HOW they would accomplish them. I began to ponder the saying that "A goal without a plan is simply a wish." In order to achieve big goals, we've got...
Last weekend I made the switch from the Blackberry Curve to the 'Droid.  I know, I know, many of you die hard iphone addicts will ask the question..."Why not just get an iphone?"  Well, being a Verizon customer with 5 lines who depends on great service anywhere I go, it just wasn't an option.  So...
Did you know that KW has monthly calls for the Tech Coordinator in your Market Center?  On these calls, KWRI Tehnology staff share the latest info on new Eagentc releases and technology issues.  I'm finding that many of my coaching clients are not aware of this and wanted to make sure that you ha...
Last week I had the pleasure of attending the Keller Williams Realty Mega Camp in Austin Tx.  This is an event where top real estate agents from around the country come for training and inspiration.  I only got to stay for two days because I had to leave home for a family emergency, but what I le...

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