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Discovering social media So what exactly is social media and what does it possibly have to do with your business? Why should you care? According to the authors of Wikipedia, social media is an umbrella term that defines the various activities that integrate technology, social interaction, and th...
I fully understand the impact of the current economic downturn and the role that it plays in our overall economy. I understand that many people are losing their homes to forclosure and I think that is terrible. I know that at lease some lenders utilized some poor practices getting people who were...
Unfortunately, it seems everyone has their panties all in a bunch about the apparent crash of the housing market. The problem is that you can’t take of all the local housing market’s conditions and boil them together into some hysterical stew. It’s like suggesting divorces throughout the country ...
How many times have you said to your husband…“you didn’t hear a thing I just said, did you?” We must understand that hearing is a physical function and listening is a mental function. I hear many things as I write this article: cars driving down the street, music in the adjoining office, the tapp...

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