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This is it. The tradition for my girlfriends. We're old enough to be MILF's but not quite old enough to be cougars. Friday night has always been girls night. That's not derogatory, quite frankly we'll always be "girls" to each other. Friday nights are to relax, let down our guard and to tell war ...
Or are you going to be strong today? -Peter Maher I have been asking myself this every evening. A group of friends generously volunteered me to run a relay leg in the Via of the Lehigh Valley marathon. I never say no to a challenge and figured this would be an easy one. Went out for my first trai...
I had a conversation the other day with a friend who used to work for a rival wholesale lender. Unfortunately he didn't survive the blood bath of the mortgage industry melt down but he still loves to tell war stories. We discussed the fact that the playing field has pretty much evened out in the ...
There have always been turning points and defining moments in my journey through life. Sometimes these are major events like a graduation or divorce. Some of these defining moments have been less easy to define, more ambiguous as to their meaning, like the time my baby brother asked for a loan an...
I thought Meme was the gal on the Drew Carey Show with the scary blue eye shadow but apparently I was, as usual mistaken. Thanks Sandra.   Who is your favorite musical artist? I do so hate to be unoriginal but Fleetwood Mac with Stevie Nicks is right up there. I saw them a number of years ago, la...
I'll start this off with a four letter word, one of my personal favorites. I love it, I crave it and I want someone to do it with. WORK. I read everywhere how tough the economy is especially for those of us who make a living in the real estate related industries.  I read how many people who were ...
I don't understand, I mean I really don't get it. The mortgage industry is in shambles. Lenders are going out of business, brokers are closing their doors, many many people are being laid off, the media and governments are in a feeding frenzy. None of this is a secret.I speak to mortgage professi...
I have been threatening to write a blog for about a year now. I'll think of a topic, research it, agonize over the tone of my writing, wonder if it is witty enough and eventually get distracted by daily business. I'll come back to it weeks later and find that the topic is no longer timely or in h...

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