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Here's some changes happening right now with Facebook... "Currently, messages sent to your email address are delivered to your Facebook Messages. However, we’re updating the way email addresses work, so that soon any email messages that are sent to your ...
Here's a simple chart that shows why it makes more sense to buy a home than renting it. Source:
Based on the Case-Shiller Index, the nations watchdog for Home Values, the price growth for condos & co-ops last December, have outpaced single-family homes yet again. Surprisingly, just a few years back, the condominium market has been one of the hardest hit sectors in the housing market. Right ...
       Last week, the mortgage market improved for the first time in 3 weeks, making rates for the 15 and 30-year fixed mortgage rate lower. If you're a home buyer who's planning to by this spring with VA or FHA loans, now's the time to act. Russia-Ukraine Situation Aiding Mortgage Rates        ...
  Do you know that there are now 39% of Americans who are considering to buy a hybrid or plug-in electric cars? So even if you're not part of the 39% there's still ways to save money and the environment too. Here are some Clever Ways to Save on Gas.     Avoid gas that's rated E15 The E is for "e...
So you probably know by now that toothpicks isn't just for picking stuck food between your teeth. It's more than just that. Check out some effective uses of toothpicks around the kitchen, house, and garden.   Keeps pot from boiling over. We've all done it, right? Turn the heat up - walk away and...
How To Price Your Home Does a $499 iPad sound like a good deal compared to the $500 one? Not really. But retailers have used this strategy for a long time to psychologically make it seem like it's a good deal even of it's just a dollar less. In real estate, the "99" strategy is used almost everyt...
The sales of newly built-homes have surpassed analysts' predictions which is now going to a 5-year high last January. Moreover, growth was more concentrated on a home price range that is usually occupied by new home buyers ($100K-$300K). According to the Census Bureau, 468,000 new homes were sol...
Since 1971 (the start of Mortgage Rate record keeping) rates have gone up to 18.63% in the 80s and went down to 3.2% last year. Relatively, rates have remained low. Having low rates would greatly affect home affordability and monthly mortgage payment. But what's in store for us in the future? Acc...
According to reports, borrowers with low FICO scores is now getting a smoother time in getting a mortgage. Ellie Mae Organization Insight reports that the average FICO of an approved mortgage fell to 724. It's the lowest since its inception. FICCO score basically is another way of saying "credit...

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