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For Sale Phoenix blog by Bob Hertzog at Summit Home Consultants is a wonderful place for real estate agents, buyers, and sellers to learn more about the real estate market in Phoenix AZ and it's surrounding communities.



ActiveRain=Website Visits...  Check Out The Google Analytics For My Website! I've always wondered how many visits I get as a direct result of my blogging on ActiveRain.  Well, today I decided to find out (in all my spare time). First, a little history.  We started Summit Home Consultants in Janua...
  Another great post by Broker Bryant in Florida.  I'm with him on this one!   Hi folks. Let's talk about this Strategic Short Sale thing a little. I know there are many people that just can't understand why anybody would do a Short Sale if they can afford their mortgage payment and they do not h...
  Another great post by Katerina.  When is this administration going to finally realize that band-aids cannot/will not stop the bleeding?     The US Department of Treasury has another government help program for homeowners who are underwater. We can be sure of one thing, what ever the program say...
Another awesome post from Broker Bryant in Florida.  If it's better for the banks, the seller, and the buyer, then it's a win-win-win situation.  Excellent read! Well that's a good question. What do you think? Most folks would probably answer this question with a resounding YES! But...what if I t...
HomeSteps Program Showed Me Its True Colors Today In case you haven't heard lately, the subject of the incompetence of Freddie Mac is appearing in more and more blogs, periodicals, and national news media outlets everyday.  Just last week, Freddie Mac announced that they lost $4.7 BILLION in the ...
FHA Refinance Program Announced! Wait, Don't Get Too Excited In yet another futile attempt to show homeowners how much FHA and the current administration cares about actually turning around the real estate market, HUD announced yet another program that they claim will help 3-4 million homeowners ...
Two-Thirds Of Phoenix Homeowners Are Now Underwater!  The Sky Must Be Falling! Could it be possible that 2/3 of AZ homeowners could be "underwater" right now, as we speak?  According to Adam Kress of the Phoenix Business Journal, this is indeed the case. Before everyone gets TOO excited/depressed...
Arizona Anti Deficiency- Does It Protect Your Short Sale Clients? As an experienced Phoenix Realtor who specializes in helping Arizona pre foreclosure clients, the one question I'm asked most often pertains to the Arizona Anti Deficiency Statutes, and whether a lender can pursue my clients after ...
For Sale Phoenix- July/2010 Report For Sale Phoenix is an effort to keep everyone apprised of the latest For Sale Phoenix home price trends.  We've prepared a monthly report that will hopefully help you with your research.  As always, don't hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have....
Scottsdale School District Has So Much To Offer! As a third-generation Phoenician/Real Estate Broker, and the father of two children who attend schools in Scottsdale School District (officially known as the Scottsdale Unified School District), I feel fairly qualified to answer. 1.  Academic Perfo...


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