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As we watch economic woes across the board we need to be sure that the US auto industry is driven to survive! Remember $4.00+/gal gasoline, how did that feel, did it impact your life style, do you think it impacted your business? Let the US auto industry fail and you can kiss the opportunity to f...
This message is really for people who need a web presence and don't have it or don't know they need it, for those of you who are up to speed, PLEASE "do a friend a favor" and pass it on to someone you know that fits one of those categories. Over the past few weeks I have been in the process of re...
Just watched Jim Cramer on CNBC, he is hot on the idea that Bernahkes  announcement will turn the housing market around, no, has turned the market around, has forced the bottom. 4% rates for everyone. He said run to buy a homes. The key to everything he said was that the housing market has to tur...
WAKE UP REALTORS!! So we are in a bad economy, what are YOU doing about it, sitting around waiting for someone else to fix it, passing the buck, getting depressed, going negative, what are YOU doing about it??? I've said it before and I'll say it again and again and again..... The Realtors closed...
I thought I had seen everything, 18-20% mortgage Rates, out of sight material costs for new homes, and then along comes this market. Prices tumbling, vacancies rising, lenders that can't figure out what to do, Real Estate agents fueling the downward spirals with something called Short Sales. Chal...
As I peruse the emails coming to my inbox from all of the people trying to sell me the magic solution to riches I begin to understand why we as Realtors are considered a less than professional industry. The biggest offering today is "How to make a fortune off of people who are losing their houses...

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