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So I have a contract in on a short sale in my county. My client likes two houses on this particular street the one we put the contract in on and the one right next door. They both are nice. I received a call today from the firm handling the short sale for the home owner(we have two realtors on th...
So someone asked what I use a portable DVD player for. Well, the first and easiest one is thta I have some promotional videos that I play for my home sellors when I am at a listing appoinment. I also will make up a loop of properties that will play or a highlight slide show for my open houses and...
We have all sounded like a cartoon character at one time or another when driving home buyers around. A few times a year I seem to get clients who are looking for a new home that is not in my normal marketplace for my brokerage. The technology to help with this is of course a GPS unit, I live and ...
I am sitting here watching house hunters and when we guess which house the home buyers will pick I seem to always pick the right one. It seems I must have learned a little bit about working with home buyers. Now, back to our brokerage tech toys. Most of us have smart phones or PDAs by now I would...
A House is A House Unless of Course It Is A Talking House ..... read that to the tune of the Mr. Ed show. Whether talking House works to help show and sell a house is up to debate,it has sold one house for me. The best part of Talking House is that the clients like it and want a real estate agent...
I make use of every technological device and support that I can. Todays home buyer and home sellors demand to have instant gratification and knowledge. As realtors we have to be on the cutting edge of this. I purchased the Talking House Program from Broadcast Marketing for my new Brokerage and I ...
DATE MY HOUSE, that is going to be the headline for my brokerage ad in the newspaper for my open house. I spoke to one of my home sellor clients and she agreed to let us try a Home owner blind date. I have arranged to allow one young first time home buyer couple to look into spending the day and ...
Social Networking is the key to the next generation of marketing. You heard it here second,we spend so much money on mailings,cards, gifts and web sites and now we have the advent of social networking. A site like ActiveRain is a huge help in getting your name out there but more so what you write...
Your Sphere of Influence is the single most important aspect of you business. As one great mind once said (and I paraphrase) "a sphere at rest tends to stay at rest", well if you let your sphere stay dormant and do not touch base and just say hello every once in a while you might as well close up...
I am busy today trying to finish up some client work and getting through some loans for some personal business, but I thought I would share some insights on buyers. I had a client call me to see a property in a local town listed by a different office of the same franchise (EXIT REALTY) as my brok...


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