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So I am updating my company website and I am trying to decide on a low cost IDX solution for it. With the huge number of providers and of course needing the ones who actually service my MLS I have narrowed the search down some but I would like feedback from all of the rest of you. I am looking fo...
It is Christmas time here in Boonton,NJ. Well I guess it is Christmas everywhere but for those of us selling real estate in Boonton, NJ it truly is holiday time. I have seen a huge increase in buyers. My phone is ringing off the hook! Two deal this week and more coming. Last year at this time the...
So I have decided to ditch my current system it is too complicated and does not have a drip setup. I was wondering what everyone else uses in their business. Please say what,why and where for your personal choice. I am extremely busy and need a way to track my clients and make sure nothing falls ...
Understanding Real Estate Representation Whether you’re buying or selling, it’s important to choose representation that meets your needs in the transaction. Read Visit for more articles like this. Copyright 2010 NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® This seemed like a good article to ...
This says it all I could not say it better. The pictures are the biggest problem (other than overpricing of course) that I see with most old listings today. If the pictures suck so does the agent in my opinion. Back in August of last year, I published a post called 6 Reasons why your house won't ...
I just read a post bu another AR member about pricing with zeros versus odd numbers and it made me think about everything we as realtors pt into our listings or the lack that some agents do. My wife and I are looking for a house for ourselves and we have very particular needs due to physical and ...
This beautifuly restored office building has the original millwork from when the home was contsructed. I was able to personaly view the mill stamps on the woodwork and found that the mill was around a half mile down the road. A member of my lodge told me his grandfather owned it. So I am working ...
This is reprinted from Metro Realtor Blog   If I am considering purchasing real estate, what are the pros and cons of selecting one agent to work with exclusively? Why not "play the field" and contact several (or even lots of) agents and have all of them scouting properties and deals for me? Why ...
Morris County New Jersey home sales have slowed a bit but overall sale price has increased. The following information is the Garden State Multiple Listing Service and as reported in the Daily Record Newspaper. I am seeing an uptick in clients who are looking to buy but many of them are still on t...
This is a great sign for the country. If the banks are starting to get straightened out then maybe they will start opening up the doors abit! It is time for our industry to rebound and come back strong. According to American Bankers Association, consumer loan delinquency rates have dropped for th...


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