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I have read many Blog Posts and News articles about this recently and I figured it would be a good idea for me to share it with my readers. It seems from around 2004 to 2008 during our housing boom we were running out of drywall. So what did we do ? We imported it from China, thats what. The prob...
So while I am online doing my other business I have decided to try my hand at day trading. I am not sure if I am qualified to do this but I am taking a shot with a small amount of money. I figure I have the time and if I can get a 2-3 percent return it is just like having it in a bank. I went wit...
When determining where to hang your real estate license it takes time and you need to evaluate splits versus desk fees versus office enviroment and finaly public opinion. In Morris County New Jersey, franchises are the name of the game plus a few huge privately held companies like Weichert. We ha...
so those of you who have been following my blog know that I am looking for a car or truck. I have jumped back and forth on what I want and what fits my needs. We had decided on a Ford F150 four door. Then after further review the call on the field was reversed as my wife would not drive it as it ...
So my mother-in-law is in St Joes of Wayne for a heart attack. Thankfully she is doing well. We have tried to get information from the doctors and nurses and social workers/case managers and no one will call us back or even give us information. My wife has full power of attorney and is health car...
In todays economy and market situation I am seeing more and more properties receiving offers for cash. I like cash, as a matter of fact I love having cash in my pocket but a cash offer scares me. I myself have a piece of land for sale that is being sold....hopefully .... for cash. Not having any ...
So this weekend I was on the other side of the desk. My wife, Mary and I went out looking for a new home, since we are selling her mothers house. As I am lisecnsed in New Jersey and we were looking in Pennsylvania I decided to do  walk in at a local rel estate office. We fell in love with a condo...
  This is our first go at a personalized sign, I am not sold on this particular personal picture for me personaly on my signs but it is the only professional one I have for this company right now. I am tweaking font sizes etc to make everything readable. we will be  using riders on our signs with...
When you are vacationing out of the country and english is not the predominant language it helps to know some of the local lingo. So when you are going to move it helps if you can speak mover at least a little bit. So here are some terms you may see on your BILL OF LADING "The receipt for your go...
    This is an example of our yard signs without a picture. it has taken me a while to get it settled so now I need to have it proffessionaly created you can only do so much in publisher and power point! I am happy so far with it. I have copyrighted our slogan many years ago and will be working o...


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