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  Home Inspector Bud Rozell----->Home inspections by state licensed inspectors are one of the best additions that have been made to the real estate industry in my lifetime. I personally make it a point to schedule my time where I can be present for 100% of the time an inspector is evaluating the ...
    When I began working in banks, it was by accident.  It was 1960 and  I was a sophomore in college, home for the summer, and looking for a summer job. One of my daddy's friends was the president of a local Galveston bank, and he hired me. A couple of times he and I had coffee together, just th...
 Art Copyright - Bill Cherry, 2012 Dallas is one of the few cities in the US that owns a commercial radio station, and that ownership goes back to before there was an FCC licensing radio stations. It's WRR-FM 101.1. The station plays classical music twenty-four hours a day. But one of its great o...
  Picture of me taken when I was making home loans. Long before I was out of college, I had begun my business career as a mortgage loan officer; first for a bank, later for another bank and then for a savings and loan. That was in the days when savings and loans were perfectly set up and governed...
   There is a 1960s home in a Dallas suburban incorporated city that had been owned by a family since it was built. Recently the children of the couple who began their family's life there contacted a broker, who along with her husband, have been buying, remodeling and then reselling homes in an u...
  A Business Lesson with Walt Disney, Arranged by My DaddyBy Bill CherryMy daddy was a life insurance company executive.  Somehow and for some reason, he had an incongrous assortment of friends who were public figures.   I never thought to ask him why they knew each other; nevertheless, they did....
   I stopped by for a business meeting with a lady who lives and -- with her husband -- owns a home in Plano.  It was listed with another agent for just shy of $525,000. The couple's children were pretty much gone from home, and the couple decided the smart thing to do was to downsize. Since the ...
   I wonder if the NAR isn't past due in taking a position on how Realtors should represent flippers. I frankly  believe those who do this kind of work need to be licensed, and Realtors have no business participating in the listing and sale of the products of those who are not licensed. Those of ...
  For a few years, some decades back, my daddy, a life insurance executive in real life, was one of the financial backers of the Ford dealership in Galveston, where I grew up. There was a new car salesman at the dealership named McDonald.  Like every person I've ever known named McDonald, he was ...
   It annoys me that a seller's real estate agent believes that he has any right to choose who will abstract title to what he is selling, prepare the title opinion and issue the title insurance guaranty that says what he has sold for his client will come free and clear to the buyer. Although usua...


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