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 If you or one of your friends or relatives have unreported damages to your property, whether by Hurricane Harvey or any other reason, you must file that claim BY THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 1ST, to avoid a new law that goes into affect then, and which severely restricts plaintiffs' ability to quickly re...
     John Sealy HospitalGalveston, Texas INTRODUCTION The male members of my family were in the life insurance industry for at least two generations before me.  My daddy was an senior executive and director  of a major life and health insurance company for just shy of fifty years.Under a nom de p...
 There are two interesting sociological business  stories passing around through business circles today.The first is, family owned general stores in the communities of Vermont and elsewhere in New England are closing one by one.  The paradox is that it's the very place in the US where a great amo...
   A few years back, Texas tinkered with its real estate licensing act, and what occurred was rather amusing.The fee for a broker's license was raised to several hundred dollars for a two year term.The salesperson's license, on the other hand, was made half that amount, and continuing tradition, ...
Greg Abbott, Governor of Texas William Speakman Cherry, Ph.D.Broker-RealtorDallasJuly 5, 2017  The Honorable Greg AbbottOffice of the GovernorPost Office Box 12428Austin, Texas 78711 Dear Governor Abbott: First, let me tell you that I have been a licensed Texas Real Estate Broker for fifty-one ye...
Texas Governor Greg Abbott  New Brokerage Advertising Rules on the Horizon Governor Abbott Has Signed SB 2212 SB 2212 makes changes to the regulations governing advertising for real estate brokers and sales agents.   It removes the current requirement that the advertiser be identified in each adv...
 While rarely meant to be, often times the assurance that a company is BONDED is, instead, pernicious.I'm referring to the insurance term, to bond, which means a financially responsible third party is willing to step in and assure completion of a failed contract between or among two or more other...
 Texas Governor Greg Abbott is advocating that the state needs to dramatically lower property taxes, primarily for homeowners, and franchise taxes for businesses.I join many professionals who believe that the state's tax appraisal system needs to be overhauled as well.Frequently, I am asked to as...
Bill Cherry, Ph.D., RealtorA long time ago, in graduate school, I studied economics as it pertains to the international banking exchanges.  But to more simply describe my course of study, it was to learn how the US economies deal with commerce when more than one country's money is involved.In the...
Bill Cherry, circa 1985Beginning in the early 1980s, I was an officer and director of a very successful apartment and home building company in Houston, Columbia Communities, Inc.The company was obsessed with operating as an ethical business.  We simply didn't cut corners.  We built beautiful home...


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