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Like it or not, the marketing of real estate is done in a pseudo-auction style.   If a listing works its best, it entices a high number of qualified buyers to visit it and consider it for their home. It is reasonable to assume that is the primary formula for the most prompt sale at the home's rea...
Sometimes I think we mightlook like this to the rest of the world A while back, a fellow called and asked me if I could figure out why his home hadn't sold.Fortunately, it wasn't my listing.  It was the listing of an agent with one of the prominent brokers here in Dallas who specialize in the mil...
 Here's what the letter says:Hey there!  We'd love to buy your house.  If you are at all thinking of selling your house anytime soonthen please give us a call at (214) xxx-xxxx.  We pay cashand can close whenever you want!  Also, we buy housesas is, so you don't need to do a thing.  Please give u...
 Texas has a long history and an attachment to a law that prohibits deeds, etc., from revealing the price a buyer paid for a real estate acquisition.Our deeds read, "For $10.00 and other consideration...." The actual price isn't noted.  Professional licensed agents, appraisers, etc., are allowed ...
   William S. Cherry. Ph.D., SFRRealtor - MLSSince 1966Some years ago, I notified my church that Patty and I would be moving to another city, and that we would need to change out church membership.  Innocuous enough, I suppose, but what followed was interesting.We received a survey in the mail fr...
 A couple of years ago, the Metroplex Association of Realtors required members to contribute to a TV ad campaign that NAR was planning. The cost wasn't much.  Less than 50 bucks. I expect every other local Association's members were required to do the same thing. But we were not privy to the stor...
    Photo is for display only.  It was posted on the internet Honestly, for all I know, I may have been one of the inventors of the term "home flip" that is now in an over abundant vernacular use.I bought my first home to renovate and resell in 1966, and not including the plumbing, electrical or ...
 Bill Cherry "When a man puts on this authentic French farmer's shirt he may very well find that his hands look bigger....Is that woman over there giving him the eye and nodding toward the haystack? Yes, and he knows what to do" - John Peterman     In the mid-1990's John Peterman found a horsman...
  I'm in the Multiple Listing Service that serves the City of Dallas and a number of the nearby bedroom communities.The number of Realtors who serve the area is about 17,000 and of those  14,500 or so are members of the Multiple Listing Service.It is always interesting to see how many listings ex...
One of the flaws of the US economic system is that it has never operated without some kind of slave labor. For this example, let's assume that slave labor is labor that depends on those who are economically unfortunate.  Those who manipulate and hire the unfortunate fit the broad definition of be...


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