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Wow, I must have hit a soft spot. So many replies.Keep the same, nickle and diming things to wanting to double all transactions, to look out side the box, but lets duck back into the box. When you think about it doesn't the buyer brings all the money to the table. We as listing agents explain how...
I wonder, and think about this a lot with our changing business. Why do I as a listing broker determine the buyer brokers fee. Should I not present to our sellers what I am worth earning, and the buyer broker sign their contract for fees with their buyer. This way when an offer is presented, we a...
Creating a team is work. It should be done with a goal in mind. This goal should be to better serve the public. When a single agent gets to busy, they will slow down in some areas of service. A team within an office seems to be a good solution. Large offices can become very impersonal. A team adm...
I think making things mandatory is kind of foolish. Why not have advise the buyer its a good idea. Costs always go up things are mandatory.  We're in the middle of an economic and individual housing meltdown in this country.  People are losing their homes, banks are losing their assets.  To comfo...
In real estate we want to be many things. Professionals, adviser, but how about real good sales people, who really know our business. I like being a really good sales person, especially a Real Estate Sales Person   
Buy a home now! Are you crazy? Prices are down, interest rates are low,money is available. I wonder if this will pas? They stopped making land some time back. Cities and towns make it more expensive to build. People are staying in their house longer because they are living longer. There are still...
Opportunity abounds. When properties become "income compliant" you see sales pick up. Income compliant means that the average income in your area supports the medium purchase price, with normal underwriting guide lines. Look at the market your in and be positive    

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