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  I had a young couple buying a home through me with USDA financing. Their lender (not one I've used before) assured us over and over that everything was moving along smoothly. That is until two days before our scheduled closing when I get word through my clients (not the loan officer) that my cl...
A couple of weeks ago my son (I'd like to say my baby but he would disown me) turned thirteen. In another month he will start Jr. high and I see him changing daily in moving from boyhood too young manhood. This last Friday my other son who is twenty-one and lives near Oklahoma City invited my you...
I wish I had a dime for every time I hear this phrase in reference to buying now and reaping the financial rewards of selling in 4 or 5 years. In the Midwest, the most popular catch phrase used to be, "someone from California will think this is a steal." But a depressed national real estate marke...
Whether it was due to truckers blocking the way, bikers patrolling the streets, or the hand of God himself, protesters from Westboro Baptist Church were not able to mount the protest that had been announced and feared in tornado ravaged Joplin, MO. The true story of what actually happened is hard...
Until last night, it seems the Southwest Missouri area where I sell real estate has seen it's share of stormy nights. After what happened in Joplin, out sister city to the southwest, every clap of thunder has people on edge. Needless to say, sleepless nights have been prevalent so a little resear...
I have a new buyer's agent working with me. He has been my part-time partner over the last five years, but as of Thusday when he finished his last day as a high school teacher, he's now a full-time real estate agent. In his first 24 hours as an full time agent he was cursed by a man being evicted...
The facts: 132 dead. Thousands injured. Hundreds still missing. Millions of dollars in property damage. But none of that captures what it was really like. I will let the doctor speak for himself. A Doctor's Account.
     vs         Amazing photos and stories have emerged from the rubble left by the killer Joplin, Missouri tornado. One of the better articles I've read is this before and after pictorial. The destruction has been overwhelming. But the faith of the people has remained strong. Please keep them in...
May 26 is vvolunteer trash pickup day in Ozark, MO. Organized by the public works department, the city is challenging its citizens to scour the countryside and rid the roadways of trash and debris. Free bags are being provided and these bags hopefully full of roadside trash will be picked up the ...
Last night HBO premiered Curtis Hanson's docudrama Too Big To Fail. And this morning I've read a couple of newspaper reviews that almost seem as if the reviewers were watching different movies. One guy called it  "too boring to watch" while another called it "informative and riveting". Anyway, I ...

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