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Charity just north of Springfield, Missouri was first referred to as Hog Eye in remembrance of a long ago feud between two locals. The first postmaster decided to change the name to honor his wife. Now that was a smart man.
My 12 year old son woke up stoked. Even before he asked about breakfast he informed me that Spring Break was almost here. 1:45 this afternoon to be exact. Being half way between Springfield and Branson we are lucky to have lots to do in this area. Branson brings shows and shopping and miniature r...
A former client recently sent this to me. Very interesting indeed. Pass The Butter ... Please !      This is interesting . .. .      Margarine was originally manufactured to fatten turkeys.  When it killed the turkeys, the people who had put all the money into the research wanted a payback so the...
  Can you imagine inviting any two people that have ever lived to dinner? Hitler and Ghandi? Adam and Eve? Oprah and Gayle? Jeff Foxworthy and Chris RocK? Any two of the four Beetles? Steinbeck and Hemingway? Janis Joplin and Ella Fitzgerald? Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell? The head of PETA and Mi...
Growing up in Southwest Missouri, the one person I knew I could always count on was my grandfather and I could blog for days about things he did for me. As a young mother, my own mother became my source of inspiration. I know I will never be able to repay her for all she's done for me. Now as a ...
Feedback. We all like it when it's good. It lets us as agents know the house is priced accordingly to what other professionals think. We all hate bad feedback. Basically an agent going through the motion so a listing agent will stop bothering him. Let's be honest, we've probably all been hurried...
Selling real estate can cause an agent to wear a different hat with each client she has which can sometimes mean several hat changes in one day. With some younger clients who may not have parents in the area, I wear the hat of surrogate mother, giving direction and guidance when asked. With thes...
I'll be back trying to sell homes in Southwest Missouri tomorrow, but for now I just want to share two funny stories involving grandpas that I heard this week.. The first story involved my own grand father who of course I love dearly. Anyway, I got a call from the medic alert company because his ...
 I'm not sure how he knows when I could use a fix, but sometimes my office partner will surprise me with a little bars of chocolate usually from  Chocolatiers that I've never heard of. One of my favorites is from the company CHUAO called Coffee & Anise which is a 60% CACAO infused with finely gro...
To celebrate my 100th post on Active Rain I decided to take a look back and see if the statistics could give me any guidance on my next 100 posts. And I have to say what I thought were some of my better posts got little attention, while others did much better than expected. Oh yeah, and I need t...

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