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A great series of articles to consider...... I have to point out however that a basic tenet of a short sale is that the consumer is TYPICALLY 3 months behind, often recommended by the lender AND/OR the realtor/loan modification consultant, creating a loan that is no longer PERFORMING, which ther...
I guess over the years, you can say that you've seen it all, heard it all, and dealt with almost every situation in the book, or so I thought.............. Needless to say, emotions are running high these days between buyers, sellers, realtors, lenders, and every other interested party, including...
I found this ad copy on the back cover of this month's Money Magazine..... It strikes me as a tad bit disingenous, and out of touch...........................   AIG--The Strength to Be There (as Dr. Phil would say...How's that working for ya?) Ad copy: No problem--got em right where we want them....
It has been several months since I've had the opportunity to post. My mother taught me that if you can't say anything nice, then don't say anything at all....... Mom...I apologize in advance for ignoring your wisdom. I can't resist any further; and NO, I will not tell you what WTF means....I can'...
I always knew that the company was in some trouble, given all of the recent changes recently, but it seems like the deferred interest (neg am) loan has become the nail in their coffin. A friend of mine on Wall Street just informed me that a huge conference call just occurred where Wamu announced ...
I've been away from Active Rain for about a month now, as I simply needed time to regroup, relax, and re-load. While I've made the occasional visit to some wonderful blogs, along with extensive analysis related to my current book, I've had time to concentrate on my passion for the mortgage indust...
  I thoroughly enjoyed a recent post by Michael Tarraboto, that is linked here.... Yes, I'm a numbers geek, and hence enjoy seeing the high level conversations that are being had by the banks along with other participants in the securi...
I often wonder what makes people tick..... My wife had a conversation with our neighbor a couple of weeks ago, as we found out the neighbors were moving as the house was being foreclosed upon. Huh? The house next door with all the bells and whistles is going into foreclosure? We'll go back to thi...
  It isn't said enough that the current market offers excellent buying opportunities across America. The barrage of reports constantly speaks to the weaknesses in this current market where real investors are buying, and contrarians such as myself are carving out a niche that relies on experience ...
 I was honored when Jeff Belonger asked me to write this review, until I realized that I was also following Tom Burris, and Sarah Eubanks, who did an excellent job on their insight into the mortgage industry for their respective weeks! I will begin by saying that there is so much talent on this w...

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