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Last week, I laid out several reasons why Countrywide was in a position to succeed........I was very clear that I am not a fan of the company, but nevertheless they make a whole lot of sense. The original posting was at Active Rain Members Fuel the Media Fire.....Countrywide is Failing!In additio...
What the heck is a sheeple you may ask? Its a term I ran into a couple of days ago as I was researching a project online. I don't recall seeing who coined the term, but thank you in advance.  The definition is as follows:Sheeple are people that follow blindly and never question their leaders. The...
Well, I can say that the tone has certainly changed in the last 24-48 hours in our industry. I don't know if fear is driving all of the doom and gloom comments by Active Rainers, but many of you are really scaring me.........Have you lost your minds? The company is not failing, though it is makin...
Well I know that several Active Rainers around the country will not be able to sleep for weeks knowing that Trump Mortgage has shut its doors after less than 2 years of being on the market. It could have been 2 days for all I cared.....I guess the "Don" learned the hard way that you can't just st...
OK, I'm usually pretty even keeled, but after reading an article in the Sunday Orange County Register, I'm pretty disturbed. Street of Broken Dreams is the name of the article. Long story short: 14 of the homes on 2 blocks are in some state of foreclosure. 75.6 percent of the purchase loans for 2...
Over the last few days at my local Starbucks, I've been interviewing more real estate people (realtors, agents, appraisers, lenders, escrow, title, and home warranty) than you can think of as I'm starting to see a trend that is becoming more pronounced than I've seen over the years. Namely, its t...
Wow, now here is a change that I did NOT see coming with all of the changes that are occuring in the marketplace as it relates to the constant change in the mortgage market. I've copied the text from a release that I received today.Regardless of CLTV, First Franklin no longer offers subordinate f...
Trying to time the real estate market is far too difficult for anyone that doesn't deal with it on a daily basis. It is akin to figuring out when you should get into or out of the stock market! Having been in real estate (first hotel commercial, and then consumer), I've come to realize that timin...
As I sit here over the weekend pondering where the market is headed, I must remind myself where it has been over the last few years, and think back to where it was when I entered the crazy real estate industry way back in 1987. Although it was in the hotel side of the business at the time, I quic...

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