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My attempt to continue learning and gathering information about New Media. My goal is to assist agents looking to expand their presence online. By helping agents with their on-line marketing efforts, my hope is to build long-lasting, profitable relationships...
Since August 2015, every week I have interviewed someone interesting in the real estate world for my podcast, The Real Estate Sessions. I have interviewed over 135 people from CEO's of start-ups and national associations to up and comers in the industry doing things in new and unique ways. What s...
The Arizona Association of REALTORS® invites you to spend three days with 400+ career-minded REALTORS®. The 2015 AAR Spring Convention, Scaling To Success, pairs Arizona real estate professionals with local and national experts that will help you elevate your business and help you gain an edge ov...
Presenting to a group can be a daunting task.   First, many people get anxious at the thought of a live presentation.  Second, the content of the presentation needs to be created so it can be displayed.  It is this piece of the presentation process I want to discuss in this post.  For anxiety iss...
Does Facebook generate business?   I am often asked this question. The short answer is yes. The longer answer is it depends on how you use Facebook as a real estate professional.  Many agents were counseled over the past few years that the only way to success was via a Facebook Business Page.  If...
Lately, one of our most popular workshops is Evernote.  This series is in response to that demand.  If you would like a specific topic covered in a tutorial series, feel free to leave a comment below...      For more information on Evernote for Real Estate, check out Dean Ouellette's e-book. It i...
The most under-utilized feature in Facebook is the custom friend list.  If your business is about building and maintaining relationships, then why not use the biggest relationship building tool ever invented?  Yep.  Facebook. Become one of the select 5% that know and use this secret.  I'd love yo...
  Facebook is at it again. Personally, I like the fact that Facebook is continually striving to improve the user experience.  Of course, they are also improving the ability for marketers to use Facebook more effectively. In today's tutorial, I re-visit Facebook friend lists and their importance. ...
ChicagoAgent (a.k.a PalmAgent) is a Net Sheet and Closing Cost program that allows real estate agents and lenders to program real-estate-transaction calculations right into their BlackBerry®, Smartphone (such as an iPhone™, Treo™  or Droid™) or a Microsoft® Windows® handheld device.  It provides ...
I'm getting more and more requests for workshops on LinkedIn.  With over 100 million users, the oldest of the big 3 (Facebook and Twitter are the other 2) is going through a bit of a resurgence in popularity.  Part of the reason for the renewed interest is the ongoing effort LinkedIn has put for...
In a past life, I worked in the ticket office for the San Diego Padres.  The time period was 1988 to 1999.  My all-time favorite baseball player is Tony Gwynn.  I even mention this in my Ignite Phoenix 8 presentation about Barbra Streisand  (blatant plug for Ignite Phoenix).  If asked to pick my ...

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