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Bill Roberts writes about everything you need to make informed decisions regarding your financial well-being from utilizing your IRA, to buying a business, to managing your mortgage for tax advantages and net worth, to investing in land and other investment real estate
Changes To ActiveRain. Who Knew? Not Me Yesterday I logged in to ActiveRain. I visited one of my favorite bloggers, Lenn Harley. That was when I "discovered" that AR had made some changes. Lenn re-posted a blog by Andrea Swiedler entitled "I managed to keep my secret under wraps..." She was lamen...
I was reading George Souto's blog when I became aware of a contest on ActiveRain about where we might want to visit because of who and what we have "learned" here on AR. I didn't have to think long to come up with my own fantasy trip to paradise. I've been to every "touristy" place in Mexico. I'v...
How Do I Value My 8000+ Contacts? by Bill Roberts The Baby Boomer Retirement PlannerHow do I value my 8000+ contacts on LinkedIn? I would like to put a numerical value on each contact in order to "justify" the time I spend maintaining my account. I need to keep in touch with all of them. I get an...
"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."Our country is in trouble. We just aren'r doing very well. The government just released the labor participation rate.  It is 63.4% This is the percentage of able-bodied adults that choose to work. ...
What Does It Take To Get Your Attention? I have written extensively about the need for residual income if you ever want to be able to retire. Social Security won't cut it. Over 90% of Baby Boomers have less than $100,000.00 in their retirement funds. That won't cut it, either.So what are you goin...
Retirement Empowering Strategies by Bill Roberts The Baby Boomer Retirement PlannerThere are several different strategies that will allow a Baby Boomer to live their life in the style to which they have become accustomed. Just because 90% of Boomers have less than $100,000.00 in their retirement ...
Yesterday I attended the San Diego County ActiveRain summer meetup at the beautiful home of Melissa Zavala in Encinitas.It was a great venue. We met in Melissa's backyard, which is perfectly set up for entertaining a small group. It was a pot-luck barbeque. Javier, Melissa's husband, cooked burge...
A Million Or MoreIf you are a Baby Boomer and you are thinking about retirement, you better have a million or more in your retirement account. Any less than that you won't be able to cover your on-going living expenses. You can prove this to yourself if you simply make up a budget for your first ...
Today I read a post from CJ Johnson SAME STUFF DIFFERENT DAY where she details her experience on her first listing for her new brokerage.She says that even though she has done all the Internet stuff, all her activity on the listing came from old fashioned sources: MLS and sign calls.Of course CJ....
Do You Believe In Real Estate? After the so-called bubble we had in Real Estate it seems a lot of people are scared to go back into the Real Estate Market.That is really a pity.Real Estate is the basis of all real wealth in the world, now and at all times in the past.Companies, and their stock sh...

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Everything that the "Baby Boomer" needs to make sound financial decisions regarding real estate investing and retirement planning. Business Opportunities, self-directed IRA retirement plans, and mortgage strategies.