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Bill Roberts writes about everything you need to make informed decisions regarding your financial well-being from utilizing your IRA, to buying a business, to managing your mortgage for tax advantages and net worth, to investing in land and other investment real estate
Is it worth $25 to you?My friend Bobby Timm  Bob "RealMan" Timm  is raising a couple of great kids. His 16 year old daughter wants to go to Chile on a mission for her church. This will be a great experience for her just before she goes off to college.I'm betting she wants to go to the AirForce Ac...
This is a classic from my friend Gene Mundt, IL/WI Mortgage Originator - FHA/VA/Conv/Jumbo/Portfolio/Refi so go read it and pass it along. The Scoop on Down Payments: They Don't Need to be 20%              It seems like a lifetime ago, but in actuality, it’s only been (approximately) 8 years sinc...
These Are The Times That Try Men's SoulsSo said Thomas Paine about 240 years ago. But he might have had acrystal ball and was talking about NOW.These ARE the times that try EVERYBODY'S souls.We are fighting for our very way of life, our very existence. But toomany on both sides are trying to obfu...
This has become a major conversation on AR since the Melania Trump speech at the Republican National Convention. She was accused of plagiarism for borrowing a few words and phrases from Michelle Obama, who may have borrowed them herself.Some of you have been very vociferous in your condemnation.I...
To Accept That Listing Or Not To Accept That Listing, That Is TheQuestionThe are many valid reasons to turn down a listing:       It is priced incorrectly       It is in very shabby condition       It is located badly       It is outside my market area       The owner is a jerk       I just don't...
WII-FM, Is This YOUR Top 40?I have been reading a lot of real estate posts this week and there seemsto be a theme within the majority of them - What's In It For Me (wii-fm).As a Real Estate Broker I am a FIDUCIARY. It is the law here inCalifornia. Not every state has this requirement, but they sh...
Out Of The Frying Pan And Into The FireThe temperature here in San Diego County is above the century markthis week. So it is welcome to be a"travel week" for me. But,unfortunately it will be going to Phoenix. Literally, out of the fryingpan and into the fire. I fully expect to see temperatures ab...
This is my lesson that I learned early in my career.I started my career in Real Estate in 1975.At that time most agents were either housewives, retired military orworked part-time. This was because they could "afford" to go monthsbefore getting their first commission check.I had a Broker's Licens...
Multiple Streams of IncomeI always recommend that everyone develop multiple streams of income so that they can actually retire some day without having to change their lifestyle.Nothing is worse than waking up the day AFTER you retire to discover that you don't have sufficient income to continue l...
Well, it is official, Donald J. Trump has enough delegates to capturethe Republican nomination for President (as reported by the AP).But the "Old" Republican Party is DEAD. Trump killed it. And replacedit with a new ALL-AMERICAN PARTY of everybody in the middle(Democrats, Republicans, and Indepen...

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Everything that the "Baby Boomer" needs to make sound financial decisions regarding real estate investing and retirement planning. Business Opportunities, self-directed IRA retirement plans, and mortgage strategies.