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Bill Roberts writes about everything you need to make informed decisions regarding your financial well-being from utilizing your IRA, to buying a business, to managing your mortgage for tax advantages and net worth, to investing in land and other investment real estate
Home Builders, Interest Rates, And The US EconomyIn the past, US Home Builders have been hurt badly by getting stuckwith an inventory of finished and unfinished houses that they couldn'tsell when there was a downturn in the economy.They've gotten smart in recent years. Now they employ economists ...
The Summer Of Our DiscontentFinally it is coming. The BIG ONE, the really big one. The total collapseof our economy.By the summer of 2016 the Presidential Contest will be in full swing.Many think that a change is possible and necessary.100 YEARSBut look at it from the viewpoint of the leftists. T...
Skin In The Game? What does this expression mean? It means that if you want to play thegame, you need to pony up some of your own money.They've used this expression to ridicule home buyers that don't havea down payment and maybe don't even have closing costs. They arenothing but a bunch of Dead B...
Agent Provocateur?After last night's televised Republican Debate, there are a lot ofquestions about Donald Trump.Fox started a debate with a setup to snare Trump.  They asked ifeverybody would pledge to ultimately support the GOP nominee. Allexcept Trump agreed to this. So the questions are why d...
The Value Of A Watermelon, A ParableThis is the story of Joe, an enterprising young fellow who bought 100watermelons, iced them, and took them to the beach to sell.He had planned on selling the watermelons for $5 each, but when hegot to the beach he saw a lot of people, maybe 50,000 and nowaterme...
Houston, We Have A Problem.And not just in Houston, But in San Diego, Denver, Chicago, NewEngland, and all over Florida.The problem is the shrinking housing market as reflected in thepercentage of home ownership (lowest since 1967).This is the result of several factors: The Artificial Scarcity St...
Are You Worthy?They say that the Crash of '08 was caused by too many people whodidn't deserve to buy a house were buying houses.How could this be? Something was out of kilter. Letting all theseUNDESERVEDS buy a house. Shameful.But we all paid the price for this transgression. The Real Estate Bubb...
What Have You Done With My Country?I remember being a child (1950) and my folks bought their firsthouse. It cost about $5,000.00. I didn't know it then but that wasabout equal to one year's wages for my Dad.Can you imagine buying a house for $1 down and only paying aboutthe same as you make in on...
Is This A Trend?Is this a trend? McDonalds will close 700 stores, more than they willopen over the next 12 months.McDonalds is leaving San Francisco because the rent iis too high.Anyone that has read Ray Kroc's biography knows that McDonalds wasin the real estate business more than they were in t...
Yellen Talks Softly While Everybody Yells "Raise The Rates"So Janet Yellen spoke, but didn't really say anything. No rate increaseyet, but everybody has an opinion about when she should raise therates. Their yelling about a rate increase isn't going to changeanything. The economy is in bad shape....

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Everything that the "Baby Boomer" needs to make sound financial decisions regarding real estate investing and retirement planning. Business Opportunities, self-directed IRA retirement plans, and mortgage strategies.