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The Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce announced today that the United Football League will be home to a new Omaha team. Though the details are still being ironed out, the home of the team will be the new TD Ameritrade Park in Downtown Omaha. With millions of dollars being invested in the area, th...
For over 90 years, Boys Town, Nebraska has been a beacon of hope for America's children and families through its life-changing, leading-edge programs. Recently, construction sounds filled the air with a major remodelling of the Boys Town new and improved visitors center gift shop. When all the du...
I Love this business! It is a constant source of unexpected pleasure! The following conversation took place a short time ago as we were wrapping up a closing with a buyer that I had been working with.  Setting: Conference room, in a closing... Closer: Ok, Congratulations, you are now a homeowner...
Taking advice from several Active Rain blogs, I decided to launch a facebook fan page "365 Things to do in Omaha, NE" a couple of days ago. I've been watching a couple of other sites: 365 Things to do in Austin, TX and 365 Things to do in Vancouver, WA for some insight. Both have thousands of fan...
If you polled a thousand landlords and asked them what the number one headache in owning rental property was, you would most likely get one of three answers... 1) Getting the rent ON TIME 2) Property damage or unreported maintenance issues 3) Picking the right tenant In a three part series, let's...
We all LOVE to give stuff away to our past clients don't we?!?  I do! (I actually do!) But why pay for gifts that your clients won't use? There's another way! There are a lot of agents in my market who are investing time and money driving around giving away free gifts once a month or once every o...
In March of 2009, a group of about 30 agents here at CBSHome Real Estate decided to open an office 'where the people are'. We are all still affiliated with our respective offices within the company and we staff the mall office on a rotating basis of 8 teams. We chose 8 because that would be the f...
There are oodles of "don't do this" and "be sure to do that" lists available on the net for real estate advice but I thought I would rack my brain of 23+ years of real estate experience for a few ‘non-traditional' pieces of advice. Everything you are about to read is true. SOME names, however, ar...
What??? How can that be? Well, it's all in the numbers. This is a headline similar to nearly all of the news stories we read throughout 2008 regarding our mortgage crisis.So how in the world can 37% of the nation's homeowners NOT make an on-time mortgage payment last month? Well, it's simple. Wha...

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