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I was given a suggestion that maybe we should have a sales board in the office.  I can explain what this is and would like to know if this is something that would be of interest to the group or not.   Basically a sales board is used in many sales offices to publicly track sales and motivate compe...
I just had what has become an interesting reoccurrence with an email Spam filter.  This is the one where you try to email someone or they email you and you reply and then a few minutes later you get the message that your message is being held hostage until you fill out a form, confirm your identi...
Nothing would make me happier if each of my agents called 5 expireds per week, a minimum of one per day.    I won't hold my breath waiting for that pipe dream to come true, ha, ha, but what I definitely don't want is anyone calling on any of ours, especially if the seller intended to re-list.We h...
Well, it took me a long time I know, but I've finally joined ActiveRain.  I was worried I'd be the last one ha, ha.  I truly did not want that honor.  I try to be an "early adopter" of everything but I was busy "early adopting" other stuff, he, he.  No, really, it has been busy but I have been me...

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