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Who would have thunk it that you could get a nice condo with a balcony looking right out at the Gulf in a complex with security and amenties for $118,900. There are such properties for sale at our beach location.
I get these calls from people telling me that for $200 now and then $80 a month they will sell me a phrase that will come up when people search google and yahoo 80% of the time. THey garantee that I will be found, my web site that is. I made the mistake of saying yes, getting a $200 charge on my ...
We are handing out a list of distressed properties as a way to get people in the door to talk about realestate. Unfortunately it seems that most are just casual curiosity seekers. They are really not looking to buy but to talk about buying. I keep thinking someone will actually want to make a pur...
We are having quite a few bank owned properties that are coming to market it our area. No bank wants to own property. so I have found that they really are willing to come down on the price to move the property. We just had a house to sell for $115,000 less than the asking price after being on the...
It is about time, but we are seeing interested buyers start to filter into the market. I think people are finally begining to realize what a buying opportunity we are experiencing in at this time. I have closed a condo this week and have several interested buyer.
We have had a large amount of condos on the beach that are going to foreclosure. It is a great time to pick up a great deal on a Gulf front condo at the beach. More are coming on the market every day. Property is also great deals in Carillon, Rosemary, Alys Beach, Seagrove, Blue Mountain, and San...
The Realestate market here in Panama City Beach and been so bad since the high of 2005. I am glad to finally get the new airport finally under construction. We have been so overly effected by the down market stats, including the sub prime loan market that the price of realestate here at the beach...
Evey day it seems on my drive to work I see another bank building being erected. I don't mean little stand alone places, but big nice buildings in excellent and valuable locations. With in a few mile between my home and the office on front beach road there are 6 or more totally new large banks. A...
Man, I have been selling property in this area for 5 years, and it is unbelieveable how much the prices have fallen. The buyers of 2005 are hurting, and the sellers of 2005 made out like a bandit. Now reality has come to us and the prices in 2007 are the best value we have seen in years. This is ...

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