We keep talking about the market turning around and here are the numbers to prove it.  For all of your real estate needs please visit  
Did You Know? According to BusinessWeek Magazine Tampa was ranked Among the Top 50 Best Cities To Live In! We are living right here in paradise with our with gorgeous beaches along the Gulf of Mexico and fabulous weather continuously. A variety of factors including: parks, schools, safety, resta...
RED DAY 2012 Renew, Energize, Donate Your help will greatly be appreciated by these children. A Kids Place, located in Valrico is a safe, loving, “almost home” environment where children are embraced, encouraged and educated until they can be reunited with extended family, put in appropriate fost...
This may take you back to the Sesame Street days. Today we're going over the letter 'C'.   When it comes to mortgage underwriting there are (4) key elements that should be in your arsenal of knowledge. 1.) Capacity-In other words comparing the borrowers income to the approximate debt. It is essen...
According to the research, the increased rents are making consumers think twice about the benefits of homeownership. After a recent survey conducted, 84% of those polled believe that owning a home makes more sense than renting. Usually when talking about homeownership the financial elements skip ...
  Is it time for you to re-evaluate where and how your marketing budget is being spent? Google spent years proudly stating they could rely solely on online advertising, Google Inc. has now changed their scheme and is taking a different approach to promote itself in areas where its rivals dominate...
Sellers listen up! The way you live in your home and the way you SELL your home are different. Please pay special attention to the following suggestions to help expedite the SALE of your home, rather than just having it listed. A cluttered house or one that smells. When sellers have too many poss...
4437 E. Tarpon Drive Tampa, FL 33617   Come take a look at this wondeful opportunity from 12:30-2:30! 4 Bedrooms and 1.5 baths Screened Lanai Updated kitchen with new appliances Garage       Contact Beverly at YourTampaBayHomeConnection for more details. (813) 625-8795 or    ...
According to the WSJ with the buyers absorbing more of the inventory the, real estate market is showing signs of life. This demand is increasing throughout existing home sales and new construction especially over the last 3 years. Generally Spring is the busiest period of the year and so far that...
Many consumers are under the impression they should wait until they are certain that prices have hit rock bottom. When making this decision of whether or not to wait, consider where the direction of the COST of the home is going instead of just the PRICE. The logic behind this is a direct result ...

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