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I thought about what subject would be the best for me to blog about my first time back in the ActiveRain world during this holiday season. Well, there are many good real estate and mortgage subjects to discuss this year. Being that I spend all my time finding and closing loans. As I'm a Licensed ...
We all want to be prepared and we all have plenty to prepare for these days. But, there is nothing worse than an unprepared borrower. You know the type...Those clients that just want to assume that thier credit is perfect and they just deserve to get the best deal. They have no financial, credit ...
  Well the big question that everyone wants to know the answer to is.. Have we hit the bottom of this real estate market yet? Your answer will most likely depend on who you ask...But I'm here to offer some good news. I believe we have finally can designate this year as the PERFECT STORM to buy re...
The United States of Department of Agriculture is trying to improve the standards of living in rural areas. Which sometimes lack some of the amenities we are used to here in more urban areas like Internet access, afforable utilities and so on. The USDA is extending their loans and funds to help r...
Most of us are aware of all the changes our industry has been though over the past five years and the many more changes that are coming our way. The real estate and mortgage business is just not what it used to be. To be honest I think that is a good thing. Just because RESPA, TILA and the Govern...
Well, we have gone through one of the worst real estate meltdowns we may see in our lifetime. But, as we continue to fight against high unemployment, falling property values and strict lending guidelines not to mention a whole lot of uncertainty. Can we all agree to one thing? We may need to cons...
  So, I think we all know by now that the state of this real estate market is not what it used to be and probably will never be again. Some of us have cried, some of us have yelled, screamed and complained to even our clients about all the negative changes going on. But, why? None of these things...
There are many personal attributes that are needed for success. One: a great attitude, two: hard work, three: honesty, four: knowledge and much, much more. Each of these variables are very important and without these important attributes one is very likely to fail. Today I would like to introduce...
  To all real estate agents and home buyers looking for a primary home that needs some work. There is no secret about this loan, but I'm shocked how many people still no nothing about it. We have been marketing the FHA 203K Rehab Loan for years and have had many successful purchases with it just ...
You have heard many times in the media that real estate is tabooed and it's a bad investment. Despite these comments that only enhance ratings and make a good story. We are here to make sure you all know that real estate is still a great investment and home ownership is is still the American Dre...

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