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Economic news as it relates to our buyers and sellers of real estate.
The Wall Street Journal, in an article today, pointed out that higher end buyers have less time to spare than lower end buyers. It was also pointed out that these buyers are mostly using mobile devises, particularly "I" devises....because they are less interested in cheaper products. All higher e...
Biggert-Waters, the 2012 Federal Law that ended government subsidized flood insurance has paralyzed the purchase and sale of older homes at the beach....we need a closer look. As reported in today's Tampa Bay Times, a relatively new waterfront homeowner was interviewed. It appears that government...
Finding Florida: The Next Big Land Rush Posted on : December 1st, 2013 Conditions are making Florida ripe for another Land Rush. Demand for waterfront property at or near the beach is changing rapidly. Prior to the increase in flood insurance premiums, buyers were looking for smaller, relatively ...
If you are thinking of selling your Tampa Bay Beach property soon.....Don't delay. Real estate prices, like everything else, is about shifting supply and demand.  In real estate supply is represented by sellers and demand is represented by buyers. I will use the "mid-Tampa Bay Beaches" to illustr...
We have long predicted that beach communities would experience what South Tampa residents had already gone through --  the process of gentrification. New Floridians fell in love with South Tampa's history, convenience to business districts & shopping, towering oak trees & excellent schools but w...
In the past 90 days, 14 single family homes have we have 3 active listings on the MLS! Wow!  Now what?
In the Tampa Bay Beaches market we have a shortage of properties for sale with many properties selling for over the offer price.  Those that missed the boom time to sell have seen a major increase in prices since the Gulf Oil Spill bloodbath in 2010.  Many are waiting to get it all back. In fact,...
I was invited to play golf with some visiting relatives in Orlando last week.  I "played" after a 10 year break from the game of golf. After numerous swings at the ball over the course of 18 holes, I had one or two great shots.  They reminded me of the real estate business.....we tend to remember...
The Tampa Bay market, like the rest of the US and elsewhere,crashed.  However, those of us on the Gulf of Mexico coast had a second crash....April 2010 the Horizon Explosion and the resulting oil spill panic.  Real estate came to a standstill while everyone was trying to figure out how much we we...
If you must smoke, smoke outside.  In a former life I owned some auto dealerships.  Smoking in a car costs big bucks....triple or quaduple that in a home. How Smoking Affects Your Home Value Smoking is expensive.  Not just expensive in the health and wellness aspect, but expensive in the dollars ...

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