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Economic news as it relates to our buyers and sellers of real estate.
She asked me whether a property here at the beach at the offer price.  She is a cash buyer so I told her that we may not be at the absolute bottom of the market but the price represents good value.  I told her that although the property is "a buy" today, the real money is made in a mortgage.  If ...
William Blackburn Check out . Inflation is coming the price of everything rises even houses. via Twitter The releveraging of America - short view - markets - Corporate America is borrowing like there's no tomorrow,...
Things are changing.
Around "9/11" the US $ would buy 1.85 Swiss the $ buys only .935 Francs...the dollar has gone down that much!  If we do all our earning and spending in US $, who cares?  If we want to take a trip to another country. If the US government wants to continue to borrow money from fore...
I read an article in our local paper quoting our Governor Elect on the issue of job creation.  The statement was very interesting in that if we have an additional retiree that moves to Florida....that creates one job due to increased economic activity.  If, on the other hand, a much younger colle...
The National Association of Realtors announced, with much fanfare recently, a large jump in "pending sales" of homes in the US. As we have all heard and experienced, the "first time home buyer" is the major buyer of these properties.  This phenomenon is called a "wealth transfer".  It happens eve...
In Florida, more than 30% of our property buyers are foreign persons.  We are happy to have any and all buyers in Florida!  How has the foreign buyer fared in our market for second homes and investment properties?  First of all, we have to have a common currency that these buyers might use to con...
Wall Street jounal article states what we all should already know.  Immigrants are extremely productive in our economy and society!  
Ambulance drivers, our local Emergency Medical Service county employees, average just over $130k including cash income and benefits.  Realtors who pay all of their own expenses, self-employment tax (instead of social security) as well as all of the "benefits" that they can afford to buy....make r...
Raincamp in Orlando this week was great.   First, it was a very positive experience with lots of great ideas.  However, the two (we assume Realtors) people on the stalled esculator calling for help was a perfect description of the industry and the market that is our real world.  That was a very c...

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