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Economic news as it relates to our buyers and sellers of real estate.
One of the big causes in divorce cases is family financial turmoil. Divorce lawyers were all trained that the wife-mother "gets" the house...usually with a quit claim deed along with other financial agreements. NOW...who gets or wants the house? No one, if a mortgage is least in Flo...
The headline in yesterday's Financial Times was "Trichet calls for worldwide tightening" (the head of the European Union's Central Bank).  The Chairman of the US Federal Reserve, Bernanke, gave a radically different prescription when testifying before US congress the day before.  He called for ev...
According to Realty Trac, the Florida Foreclosure Rate is gradually slowing down its rapid ascent.  After several years of foreclosure rates increasing at an increasing rate in Florida, the first half of 2010 had only 277,073 new foreclosure filings up only 3% from the same period in 2009.  This ...
I have always maintained the following which is just basic fiduciary law: Banks and mortgage servicing companies have duties to their clients (like mortgage pool operators, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and others) to collect as much money as possible.  In the case of banks...they MUST collect as much ...
What is my "agenda"?  When I state that it appears that there are close to 150k active foreclosures in the Tampa Bay real estate market. (Hillsboro, Pinellas, Pasco and Hernando counties) Statistics are made to be slanted depending on what one is "selling".  Everyone who writes, especially blogge...
Spin....Florida unemployment rate The 17.5% unemployment rate reported today (which includes those who have stopped looking and those forced to work part time) is really much higher in Florida.  In the Tampa Bay area we have lately been about 2% higher than the US rate in general.  Additionally, ...
The Tampa Bay Florida gulf- front condominium market...what about the price swings? Real Estate Brokers and agents that work in the "beaches" area of the market are very busy these days with buyers seeking to buy condos.  Buyers are coming out of the woodwork seeking to buy at "pennies on the dol...
I am reading a book called Busted:  Life inside the great mortgage meltdown, by Edmund L  Andrews. This book is an interesting study behind the scenes about one man and his personal life experiences during the real estate bubble.  The writer is especially interesting in that he is an economic col...
As short sales and other distressed property sales are dominating the real estate market, the more than 1 million Realtors in the US are scrambling to cope with this phenomenon. Short sales are extremely labor intensive for Realtors listing these properties.  Even after property is listed and the...
Thanks for your insight on short sale potential agent liabilities.  We in the real estate brokerage business have led a sheltered life.  We can thank the long term uptrend in real estate prices for the absence of a significant number of lawsuits. If fact, there is a growing level of public anger ...

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