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Barbara Le Pine: Selling homes on the Central Oregon Coast. Here you will find a colorful mix of thoughts and ideas from a full time Real Estate Broker who lives in and works in the entire Lincoln County Area, I am a Lincoln City realtor, Otis Realtor, Gleneden Beach Realtor, Depoe Bay Realtor, Otter Rock Realtor, Beverly Beach Realtor, Agate Beach Realtor, Newport Realtor, Yaquina Bay Realtor, Toledo Realtor, South Beach Realtor, Seal Rock Realtor, Waldport Realtor, Alsea Realtor, Tidewater Realtor, and Yachats Realtor.
Advantage has a new listing! This 1 level cutiepie is currently a vacation rental on the central Oregon Coast. Located near an access walkway to Gleneden beach, it is also located nearby Salishan Golf course, a world class resort.Heres a look at the kitchen - Interested? If you want to more detai...
Searching for a home in Newport, Oregon?  Let me set up a property tour for you in advance of your visit. I specialize in relocation to Lincoln County area, can help you find extactly what you are looking for by showing you all options within your price range prior to making an offer. I offer "co...
This house has been empty too long. The yard is overgrown, looks abandoned. Trespassers easily broke in through the back door, out of sight from the street.The inside was trashed, cigarette butts left burn marks on baseboards, could have started a fire.  The interlopers diet consisted of mainly c...
Today was such an exceptional day! Here is a street view of Yachats, in full regalia with the new light standards and new sidewalks. I had lunch at Le Roy's Blue Whale Restaurant, an amazing soup and salad,  small loaf of freshly baked bread, YUM!  Look! There's a commercial building for sale, ri...
Are you searching for ground floor living, master bedroom, kitchen and living room all on the main floor, a single story house, or a home equipped with a stair chair or elevator?Many of my customers call me with exactly this request! Please allow me to show you the perfect single story dream home...
It is easy to think you can speak freely when outside in the open air.......however.....while showing a rural property, my buyers were excitedly talking about how much they might want to offer. They asked me my opinion..I took them around the back of the barn, pointed with my index finger at a pa...
  Your Vibraphone Player (and Newport Oregon Real Estate Broker!) Barbara Le Pine, has an important announcement for you! Drive 20 minutes north of Newport, just south of Salishan resort on Gleneden Loop Road, and you are there. Starts 7:30 PM on Thursday. Tap your toes, put on your dancing shoes...
The Central Oregon coast becoming a HOT market, homes selling more quickly! With buyers competing for Lincoln County homes, it has been a fun month with a very busy schedule.I decided to book myself an hour to recharge between showings, weave a few quiet minutes in to my action packed workday.Ahh...
I present to you my newest peep box! After showing homes, writing offers, negotiating contracts, I like to reward myself with some rest and relaxation...First, I go in search of a small box, then dig through my stack of junk mail. Armed with a pair of scissors, a roll of tape, a stapler and other...
Change is the only constant in life! Last October, my Principal Broker at S & W Real Estate called a meeting to inform his agents it was time to downsize and see more of his grandchildren. My beloved office of 10+ years would soon be history! I closed the last of my remaining escrows a few weeks ...

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