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Greensboro NC home search and Home sales for all of the Triad. Larry Story with Total Care Realty, LLC writes informative posts to better help you understand real estate and to introduce you to the Triad of North Carolina.
As The Market Turns     Yet another gripping tale of home buyers and sellers.   The trickle down affect of improving housing markets is as the homes sell in other markets as in this case Virginia, my buyers can now move on and buy a home here in Greensboro, NC.       I have been working with thes...
Behind the Scenes of MYTHBUSTERS!   Yes of things to do in Greensboro, North Carolina on a Wednesday night instead sitting in front of a television, I decided to take out both my sons actually to see in person Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman of MYTHBUSTERS fame!  The very popular (judging by the pa...
First Time Homebuyers ALERT!   The United States Federal Reserve announced today that they will begin “tapering off” on their bond buying crusade they have been on for years.  The home buying interest rate has been artificially been kept low on purpose by the Federal Reserve by the practice of bu...
What Is Your Listing Agent Marketing?   So looking at the marketing for you home what is the central theme?  Is the focus on the agent, the real estate firm, or your HOME?     You have to think what is the focus of all the advertisements?  Are the agents trying to sell your home or themselves?  T...
Does Your Realtor Understand Your Home?     When you own an older home, you understand the problems and the pleasures of owning such a home.  So don’t you want a listing Realtor® that not only understands how much work you have gone through to make your house a home, but that can explain and high...
Do You Think The Weather Affects Your Business?     OK, surprise I am not talking about the short term where you cannot go out and show a home because it is raining.  I am speaking BIG PICTURE global situation.  Let’s look at some facts and then examine a small snapshot of the last two weeks.    ...
As A New Firm Comes Of Age in Greensboro, NC   The up and coming firm of Total Care Realty, LLC has been growing by leaps and bounds.  As the holiday season is upon us I am reflecting back to only a few years ago when I left a national brand firm to start my very own.  After renting a small offic...
Greensboro Celebrates the Fourth of July In Style!   Looking for fun tomorrow on the 4th of July?  Well here in Greensboro, NC we celebrate big and small.  So take your pick from the line up of where and when to celebrate our Independence Day.     Greensboro 4th of July Parade and Street Festival...
Triad of North Carolina Market Update June 2012     This update is to give you insight into what is happening in our immediate market here in the Triad.  While many news organizations report on the “national real estate market” we never hear about any regional news.  This can be very important to...
Words of Warning For My Home Buyers     The days of a buyer’s market are past. The inventory of homes for sale here in the Greensboro, NC market are very low.  So now as the market is starting to turn another change is slowly but surely beginning to arise.  The interest rates are starting to edge...

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